What Speedrub Category is easiest?
25 days ago
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I just finished playing the game and I was curious what category would be best to speed run. I finished genocide with a time of 1 hour 40 minutes @ the last save point, but that was a casual playthrough and I want to try to speedrun. I don't know many glitches so I'll probably go for glitchless

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Easiest category is definitely Neutral Glitchless.

Second easiest is Genocide, as it has the least amount of glitches.

Next in difficulty would come Neutral Glitched.

Then both the pacifist categories. Pacifist Glitched is the hardest main category.

As for the misc. stuff, AGI is not too bad and true any% is free. Early bag is a "try at your own risk" thing.

Sorry for the lengthy comment, I just gave a summary of the speedrunning difficulties lol.


Any% for sure

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Thank you so much!

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I have to ask tho how are the times for any% at 5 minutes? Is there some glitch that just takes you to new home instantly?

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Never mind just realized you can access speed runs via this site not just times

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