No Upgrades category?
5 months ago
San Diego, CA, USA

I was thinking about a no upgrades category. It would be an option for all routes and both glitched and glitchless. Basically what it would entail is: if you have the option to not get an upgrade, you don't get it. For instance, in the pacifist route, the game requires you to get the nice hat (which would be relevant for playing in easy mode) and the wild revolver, which would be used for neutral. in those two routes, getting those items would be okay because you're literally forced to, but you cannot at any point have an accessory other than the bandage or an ammo other than the rubber bullets equipped (you can pick them up, but you're not allowed to click "use" in the item menu)

For the Genocide route, you actually have the option to not pick up the wild revolver, and therefore you must not do so.