Category suggestions
3 months ago

I have two category ideas. First, there should be a 100% run where you need to get every item and kill one of every enemy (you don't have to kill duplicates to prevent Genocide ending). There should also be a lowest% where your goal is to get the minimum items or kills. Each of those counts as a "thing" and the goal is to get the least "things". if two runs have the same number of "things" it would be judged off time. Those are just two ideas I had.

Also I'd add that each should have glitched and glitch less subcategories.

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These are both really arbitrary categories, and if 100% was made it should be similar to True 100% in Undertale, except that Undertale Yellow doesn't have a ton of different neutral endings.

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i just think that a MewMew LoveBlaster category would be fun, like, you start like any other run, but when you reach the dunes, go directly to the cafe, beat the arcade then the run ends LOL.


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Good idea, but it might be better as just a minigame category only including the minigame. The game itself can be completed in under 2 minutes, so the whole 22 minutes or so before that is just unnecessary.