Any tips on improving my 'build' time?
1 year ago

I feel like it takes me FOREVER to make a custom zoombini build (I'm averaging about 18-20 seconds. I am so impressed by these build times of like 10 or 15 seconds... but I just can't seem to get there! I keep misclicking on the zoombinis or just not moving fast enough.

Any tips here? Do I need a better gamer mouse/gamer chair? Or just get gud?

United States

So one thing I did to make my movement faster in the game in general was I windowed the game, so the game itself is smaller, and less movement of my hand is needed. I still missed a lot of my inputs, so it's probably a double edged sword, but it might be worth trying.

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Running the game as highest priority improves performance a fair bit. One way you can do this is through Task Manager's Details tab. Right clicking the program you wish drops down a "Set Priority" option. There's also a way to create a shortcut to run the program at launch always at a designated priority. That's the way I used to do it! If you've got questions, I'll try to help and write back here when I can.

I should probably make my 'window' smaller. My game is 'windowed,' but it's still most of my screen. That might be it. The only thing I worry about is the hitbox being too small to hit consistently... off to experience.

Re: running the game at high priority: That's huge. I should try that, especially cause so many things are running while I stream.

Thank you both :)

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I learned a bit about precision clicking from playing CS:GO many years ago. All the professionals play at a very low sensitivity and use their full arm (not the wrist) to move the mouse around. At the time I ran this game, my DPI was 350, but I use 450 today.

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