What About Hugo ?
9 years ago

I see there is ony 2 categories for Ys: Origin but game have 3 difrent charecters. (Yunica, Hugo, Toal)

How can i create a "Hugo" category?

Sorry for bad English.

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Hugo category's been put up. Get those PBs up whenever you feel like.

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I feel like I want to put a time in there, just so my OCD can calm down... But that means running Hugo :(

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In case anyone is ever interested in running Hugo, please simply message me on twitch. I'd need solid proof that you are serious about running Hugo.


Sorry for bringing the dead thread back to life, but what is the reason that people don't run Hugo? Is it the lack or door skip, ranged combat, lack of tech? There must be a real reason why the other two are preferred right?

Not posting just to be nosey, I am actually interested in doing the run and what to know what issues there are to tackle, figure out, etc.


He's slow, both involving exploring the tower (even less door clips than Yunica), and slow in combat too (literally the only thing Hugo can ever do to increase his DPS is to dump MP on mines every time you hit 100%). This basically boils his combat down to mash the button from long range and drop mines occasionally. His overall lack of DPS creates an exponential growth in boss fight times, since he has to grind more, leading to less levels from later bosses, leading to even less DPS (or yet more grinding) for the last few.

His Boss order is also really frustrating in my opinion. if i recall correctly he has to fight Vagullion in the Flooded prison on the way to the scales, which, whilst being easy, isn't a particularly enjoyable fight. His fight before Dalles is probably the most frustrating of the three characters aswell.

Overall, he just lacks all the things that make the other characters enjoyable to speedrun, and destroys the hand/wrist that you're using to mash whilst doing so.

As far as what he CAN do... he can probably do the Khonsclard boss skip just like everyone else. and he can probably do Pictimos boss skip too, though it might be hard.

I probably have more points to add to this but if i scrape my brain on it too much i won't have a brain left, he has that many issues. A good character (gameplay-wise) by design, but not so well executed by the devs.

Enjoy regardless, if you can B)

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Thank you so much FellVisage ^^ I think I'll most probably try using all three and see how it goes. But now I know what to look out for with Hugo and it seems experience optimisation is going to be a big one and I know which fights are going to cause a problem.


Hijacking this thread just to remind myself of something.

Lhosvie did a Normal run, it’s his first try and he didn’t put serious time into routing so it’s bad but it’s a start:

He skips the Guilty Fire Roda Fruit, which for some reason never occurred to me to do. It takes almost 50″ to grab it, which is a really long time, and the Flooded Prison one only takes about 20″. Whenever I thought of skipping a fruit I thought of skipping FP’s for some reason, but going for uncharged Mines Nygtilger and skipping GF’s fruit might be the best route… anyway, that’s what I wanted to write down to remind myself whenever I come back to this game.

Btw here’s my playlist of skips and tricks and such, buncha Hugo routing in it too (for Easy): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC1CZuGGimWAax1trhYnk_26Apvgz5S1U