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Well, i want to start running Yoshi`s Story, i own a n64, but i see most of ppl run this game on WiiVC, what changes? And which version would be better USA or JP?

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If I remember correctly it's mostly transitions between screens that's faster on WiiVC. Resetting takes longer but the transition speed makes up for it.

Couldn't tell you about region differences.

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There isnt a dif for vc and n64 and region there is no difference


Thx for the help, now i will try to learn the game and play on my 64.

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If I dont have this game on Wii VC - are emulators (like Project64 or Dolphin) allowed? Thanks for the help!

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@TheTaze Unfortunately due to emulation inaccuracies, Project64 is not allowed. Rulesets for emulators were never fully developed. There is some discussion on Dolphin in the Yoshi's Story Speedrunning discord. We were talking about letting Dolphin onto the Any% leaderboards unless if it's a Top 3 time, simply because the loading times are 20 frames faster.

@Synkh WiiVC is overall faster due to faster screen transitions, despite the slower soft resets. N64 isn't too slow for non melon categories, only losing about 2 seconds in Any%. I would recommend using WiiVC if you are grinding for a competitive time in any of the melon categories. WiiUVC has slower resets and slower transitions.

Play US over EU if you can. JP is put on a different leaderboard for the following -Does not save so you cannot soft reset between levels -Fair number of physics differences -JP has some different glitches that don't exist in US -Different melon placements in a few levels -Miscellaneous gameplay differences

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What about Switch VC since that recently came out?

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