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6 years ago

100% Lite

Naro has been running a version of 100% that does not include the extra stage. Mostly because of the randomness associated with that stage and generally the stage is not very fun. This does open up '2 runs in 1 run' where you do the extra stage after 100% Lite.

I have tried this category and it is quite a bit of fun without farming the extra stage at the start of the run. VOD of my PB:

Normal Categories

I think that we can remove the normal categories, as I doubt anyone will run those difficulties. You play easy to complete as fast as possible and hard to add some difficulty and strategy to the bosses in a run.

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I'll make the category for you, but could it be called 100% no extra or 100% story or something like that? moved normal categories to misc


Thank you for moving the normal categories!

The name does not matter that much to me, but Naro originally called it 100% Lite. That's all I can go off of, I don't really care about the name really. I can send him this thread if you want.

I called it 100% no extra. If they feel strongly about it I can change the name

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