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Hi there. l noticed the previous mod of these boards hasn't been on in ages so l became a new one. This means your runs will be approved again. Also, we got a load remover working for the game and retimed all the previous runs to exclude loads. You can find the load remover in the resources tab. Please use it from now on

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How were all the runs retimed? That must’ve been a lot of work? I was kinda expecting my run to still be WR after load removal but I guess I was wrong. Darned lake skip.

This game was in really bad need of a load remover so thanks for that. Maybe I’ll run it again in the future.

Edit: Is there like somewhere the community for this game resides? This sudden takeover by unknown people surprised me.

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Me and GanDrake retimed the runs manually and yes, it was a bit of work.

There is no real community for this game. I've been running it for about 2 years now without really submitting any runs and l Gan to run it with me recently. Only then did we realise that CrystalChaos has been inactive, so l requested leaderboard mod on the forum and once l got it l decided to redo the boards a bit since l really didn't like how messy they were. l'd be willing to make a discord for this game if there's enough people interested but as of right now there's just me, Gan, you and maybe Naro? So there's not much point l don't think.


I just noticed that all the obsoleted runs were set to “w/o loads” too, when that isn’t true. Could that be fixed?

In case a mod could fix my obsoleted runs’ video links: 15′35″ 15′41″ 15′53″ 16′00″ 16′05″


ohh you are correct with that thanks for noticing! since these runs are obsolete im just gonna move the times to "time with loads" since retiming them would be kind of a waste of time. i hope you are fine with that

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