Hijacking the beeline
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In Peewi's run he accidentally launches into the town-skullgang beeline with a slug after crossing the waterfall area. I believe you should be able to reliable 'hijack' this beeline by doing the following:

In town, spend the 30 fruit to open the bumper which gets you up to the beeline access point. Go down the pipe to the small pinball area. Grab the slug from this location. Go back up the pipe into town. Use the bumper you unlocked to get up to the beeline access. Launch straight up into the further right beeline.

For any route that travels right out of town toward the divefish this could potentially be used as a reliable way to get there quickly.

Area in question: https://imgur.com/HgUjtmM

This is correct, I came here to say that this was the strat I am working with. You can go right to the top of Ivory Peaks that way, and it even results in the rock climbers being in their "help us find these items" state, but unfortunately you still have to climb back to the start of the zone to get the leash. So here's what I do: use the beeline to get to the peaks (the lone tree), hike over to the left, grab the leash, then progress.

However, I've also had a lot of success with adding even to this: after I grab the leash, I head back down away from the mountain to the slug you use to get up there, then I use it to blast off to the immediate left - this lands you in the other (I believe green) beeline, which you use to zip back to the village, then hop on the beeline one more time to get past the peaks chute and grab the leash.


Using the beeline skip to Ivory Peaks would even skip the annoying cutscene with the tree. I don't even understand why he's there, since it doesn't seem to be story relevant. xD

Using the beeline skip this way could change the order of the chiefs too. It could mean getting the Divefish after saving Chief Boon.

Thanks to everyone for finding out about this. I'll try it out when I have the time. :D

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My route currently does Ivory Peaks, Skullgang, then Unders already. Using this to get up to Ivory Peaks should be a lot faster! Bummer about having to go pick up the leash though... Good call hinducow! I was thinking too small in my original post.

I totally don't remember the names of the chiefs lol

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I saw your run after I posted this. It's great, even with the difficult fountain skip you did. Good job. :D

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Honestly that skip might be more trouble than it's worth since the main benefit is saving 100 fruit. hinducow's beeline up to Ivory Peaks saves you 50 fruit already (don't have to get the toolbox(80), but have to get to the beelines in town(30)). Very probable that you'll have enough cash to open up the beeline comfortably.

Edit: Actually saves 80 fruit since if you get onto the beeline again after the leash you skip the ore section, which requires 30.

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I'm glad the strat seems to have some potential legs. When I wrote my original comment I was leaving for work so I left out some details.

  1. When I refer to the rock climbers being in their "help us find stuff" state, this is only if you exit on the last stop of the Ivory Peaks beeline. Backtracking to earlier states will reset them; thusly, when you backtrack for the leash, they will return to their original "hello, this is our first time meeting you" state.

  2. I'm not sure that skipping the ore section using my additional strat will be all that helpful. Perfectly executed, I think a flawless ore section will be faster than a flawless "village return/peaks return."

  3. Fun fact: if you use the beeline skip to go to ivory peaks, backtracking toward the village lets you fall into the hole that you normally fix the bridge over, which is the same hole from the title sequence. The game seems to barely be able to handle reentering that sequence, but so far I haven't found any advantageous effects.


important: if you hijack the yellow beeline, and you have not saved spina before you should not go down at the very end with less than 100 fruits... you are stuck ^^

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