can we have a 100% cathegorie please?
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can we have a 100% cathegorie please?

jsut made a run 2:49:20 but cant submit it :D


rules would be:

Timer starts when choosing "continue" on a blank save file.

Timer ends when using the after showing 100% on the started savefile and trigger the true ending cutszene.


Sure, I'll add it.

I'm thinking it makes sense to not have to show the file select until after the credits, as long as the video does show it. Though I'm not sure what is most common for 100% runs of other games.

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the video shows 100%? where? i mean you could skip items/sidequests/violetbumper/chests and get to the true ending too... so you could make 2 or more cats. like: "true ending"= get to the godegg ending (requires 80wickerlings + 8 wickerlingstotems activated)

100% get every item, chest and bumper that gives % on savefile and finish at godegg (thats why show the savefile)

112% get besides all items that gives % also all 10 bag-upgrades and the 2 baubles which are not needed in 100% (so 12 items=12% Kappa is this how it works with extra% ;) )

i would run all of these 3 cats...

another cat would be "all scarabs"... (42 of them) but counting them is hard for runner and to proof as moderator so i would say we dont need "all scarab cat"

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