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8 years ago
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Just throwing this out there, but it is even logical to try for a 100%? There is so much in the game, and I tried doing some stuff on new files, but I always clocked over 30 hours before getting 60% of Mira, and affinity grinding seems to be required.


Tbh I'm pretty sure 100% wouldn't take that long with proper planning. Affinity for example will mostly be done thanks to support missions, H2H (4H2H gives the final heart so we really just need 4hearts affinity grind, which shouldn't be too hard with a good phoenix/Ares if we feel it's faster) and a little with normal missions.

Any fights (basically tyrants) can be done on the ground with infinite overdrive, either with dual sword/gun or ether longsword/dual guns (shouldn't be too long to get an ether longsword even). And if we get an Ares it's also pretty easy. Even Telethia can be done on the ground, so we don't need too much extra stuff for him.

BLADE levels shouldn't be too hard to grind ad will more than likely be grinded with money in either the cave in Oblivia or Noctilum with all the collectibles as curators.

Now what's really left is missions. Most of them shouldn't be too hard, but the main issue will probably be all the FrontierNav materials: 50 Arc Sand Ore for Kristy's last mission (huh), ~80Aurorite for Platinum Membership (hopefully we don't need to actually do this one but I think we have to sadly) and that's fully RNG. This is more annoying than hard to do, because if we really need to we ca probably just leave the game going while grabbing food, taking a break&stuff. It totally sounds doable in less than 30 hours. At least it should go faster than Xenoblade Chronicles 100%, which is like 50-60hours

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for the record the game has other significant permanent things than just 100% survey, like the Bestiary and collectopaedia (which i assume isn't required for survey, but might be?), and if someone's doing 100% Survey i feel like they may aswell just do the rest of the stuff to hit 100% in terms of that stuff aswell.

But yes, all the actual fighting is fairly trivial if you know what you're doing and what you're grinding for, and the category would come down to grinding. a lot. and waiting for FrontierNav RNG, the category would probably literally run around planting ALL the <LV4 probes straight away, and then do the LV5 missions as soon as is viable.

Blade levels will probably automatically hit what you need just running around doing 100%, as long as you're in the right Division for it all.

Realistically, 100% for this game is no less viable than things like Order of Ambrosia in FF12, or Dragon warrior 7 any%. i just don't want to even think about it due to the amount of grinding and and RNG involved B)

More interesting categories imo that i'm personally going to look into after being happy with Any% is things like "All Tyrants" or "Beat Telethia", since that cuts out a large amount of the RNG, just requiring you to get decent gear from drops.

My personal estimate for it is probably also somewhere within the 30 hour mark. maybe it could be brought down to 25, idk. i still technically haven't done 100% survey because jesus christ no thank you. All tyrants dead though :>

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I feel lke 100% should be when getting 100% Mira survey since that's literally the only think considered by an actual counter. Having a counterin-game should be what's used toward % stuff. Everything else would probably be ina category like max% or something, but that's not for me; 100% is enough :P

California, USA

Then I guess I need to learn how to fight and set things up, cause I was just kinda doing casual running and only ever got at most 70% at 30 hours. Maybe I should learn from you guys then XD. And the Collectopedia has the counters in it for 100% per map, but that's more RNG and just searching specific areas hoping for the right item orbs to spawn.


Collectibles aren't really RNG, they are all in different places, you just need to know where they are. And with a skell it really shouldn't be ard to have one of each if we try to.

About fighting you really just need to understand how overdrive actually works. It's the most broken thing ever, and you can easily destroy anything with it, as log as you can hit them. You can do tremendous damage, while having really good defense and resource management thanks to it. And if you have good enough equipment, it can go even faster.

California, USA

Maybe later on, I can get tips for fighting from you, since I consistently just have trouble in fights even being set up in ways I think are very sufficient for my level and standing. But the chance of finding a single prime collectible from any given item orb in an area something like 10% or less? I always seem to have difficulty finding a single one in some areas, such as Sylvalum Waters.


Well there is this spreadsheet that will show you where to find everything: it's pretty accurate, and everything is easy to find with that. You really shouldn't have any collectibles with this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g0YR4M8RAHiRhCbAvV4tjXXHLEhRMrARzZMYAUGmyZ4/htmlview?sle=true#

Also there are other stuff than collectibles in this so feel free to get informed ;)

California, USA

I don't know if this is too much to ask, but do you think maybe you could make a sort of guide for doing the run? It'd be really helpful, and it's a little hard to follow the video for the world record. I just think it'd be really useful and make learning the route be a bit easier.


the problem with making a guide is that only one route has even been tested yet, and this game has a LOT of potential for different ways to approach grinding/exploration/etc. Other people (person? me.) are currently making their own routes to see how they shape up against LGG's one, although mine has been temporarily on hold due to practice for a marathon. It's immensely different from LGG's current route

The reason that makes making guides an issue, is that guides that are easy to follow take a lot of time to create, and having all that time go to waste if another route turns out faster, would be a massive shame. I think LGG has his general notes for the route online somewhere but i can't find them atm.

regardless, i'll be back on it following the coming weekend.


Yeah I did this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GdRotNDI2ziDzfK6E4pXYFrP3BkO9NpA50o7lOZ-ag4/edit#

It's not really that good though, I need to rework on it at some point though (the route being quite straightforward I earned that by heart as I was routing/running it)

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