About RTA in Japanese version
7 years ago

I'd like to challenge RTA of this game, but is there any problem with Japanese version? As far as I confirmed it was not changed to other regions version but just in case...

I'm sorry if my grammar is wrong and you don't understand the meaning.



As far as I know there isn't anything different between the English and Japanese versions. And even if there is actually some differences it can still be on the leaderboard, it will then just be tagged as a run done on the Japanese version.

If you have any questions anyway feel free to ask. We also have a discord for Xenoblade and Xenoblade X if you're interested :)

Anyway, GL with it! It's not too hard to finish a run if you can bare the grind and you know how to use overdrive, but it's definitly very fun.

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Thanks for your reply! OK,I'd like to try hard to upload my runs soon.

And the greatest appreciation to the pioneers.

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