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One of the things I notice during runs a lot that isn't explained is the probe placement during skip travel. I was wondering if I could get an idea as to what probes were being placed where. I'm pretty sure the reason is to gain miranium and secondary earn credits, but I was never sure what the exact placement and what probes went where were. So I was wondering if I could get an explanation for that.

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We definitly need money throughout the run yeah; that's basically why we get all close by unexplored area: if you put research probe where unexplored area are, you get a lot of money. So basically all research probe you find put in on unexplored area; you should find about more of these than you have research probe.

Second thing you want from probes is Endurion Lead. It's actually the only material needed to finish the game, you need 3 of these ad you need to get the probe ASAP to not get screwd when you need them... As I still was on my PB, unfortunatly. You could also get some other materials that could be useful for your augments ( I don't really know which these are though, too rusty), but this is the main idea about probes.


My probe setup keeps changing, but I currently do a 5-chain of G2 probes in Noctilum from 219 - 220 - 225 -216 - 212. This way both 219 and 212 have 180% output (they both give Enduron Lead). I get those and 309 for my Enduron Lead.

I also get Lionbone Bort for Melee Atk Up Augment and Skell Ranged Atk Up. If you put a G1 probe on 115 (gives Lionbone Bort, C grade) it combines with the probes you put for Probefessional for a 3-chain (130%). 301 is a B grade Lionbone Bort spot, I go all out and put a G8 or G10 probe on it early in the game and a Booster G1 next to it to boost it to 360/450% output (sometimes I still only get 1-2 Lionbone Bort in the whole run, the RNG can be really bad).

Then for TP Up augments you can get Boiled Egg Ore (e.g. 312, 318, 319, 417) or Marine Rutile (401, 414).

For revenue I only bother with 221 which has 2 Sightseeing spots. Putting a Research G5 probe there should boost your income over 15k for the Skell license.

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