Regarding emulators and non-disc loading
5 years ago
Georgia, USA

Emulator and non-disc loading (USB, SD, etc.) submissions are accepted for individual levels and for in-game time rankings. However, they are not allowed for the RTA categories, as the load times are not consistent with loading from disc. This only affects 3 categories: All Circuits (No Retire), 100%, and All Circuits (Any%).

Hacks or game modifications are not allowed, including widescreen hacks. Please do not submit hacked runs, as they will be rejected.

Edited by the author 5 years ago
Georgia, USA

Should go without saying, but if you submit a run in Dolphin, the game must be running correctly. If you submit a run where the game is not running at full-speed, it will be rejected.

Georgia, USA

Wii U runs on Nintendont are indeed allowed for non-RTA categories. If someone needs to submit one of these I will add the platform to the list so it can be properly tagged.