Differences in timing between full-game categories
6 years ago
Georgia, USA

There are a couple fields you should leave blank for full-game runs in certain categories:

  1. In All Circuits (No Retire), All Circuits Any%, and 100%, you should leave in-game time blank.

  2. In Exhibition Circuit, you should leave real time blank.

All of the other single-circuit runs should be submitted with both real time and in-game time.

Our full-game board is a bit different than most on speedrun.com due to the way the game saves records during full-game runs. In Blue Storm, if you achieve a top 3 course time or best lap time during a run, you will lose ~10 seconds saving the time to the memory card. Because there are so many stages in the game, it is difficult to fill every stage with 3 unbeatable times, so players who have prepared their save file outside of full-game runs are at an essentially insurmountable advantage in terms of real-time. To counter this, we rank all single-circuit runs using in-game time (or IGT) instead, which will be fair to everyone, whether they use disc loading (either console), USB loading, SD loading, Dolphin, or even loading from Nintendont on Wii U.

That said, it's a bit of a bummer to have the real-time total be merely a reference for these runs, so we've decided to make 100% and both All Circuits categories simply start from a fresh save. This way everyone is on an equal playing field with regard to saving times, and we can just use real-time to rank them. The quirk to this is that because the boards are set to rank by in-game time, we need to leave that field entirely blank for these runs in order to rank by real-time. This also eliminates the need to add up tons of course times to get your IGT when doing All Circuits or 100%.

Let me know if there are any questions.

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6 years ago

Thank you providing us with this Meauxdal. You're Awesome!