What kind of wrong Warp is this
5 years ago
New Brunswick, Canada

i think you can get weird wrong warps if you go down the pipe while the camera is moving, i think i've seen someone in smb1 go through the wall at the end of 1-2 and go down the first pipe before the "welcome to warp zone" was loaded and the camera was still moving and he wrong warped to a version of 1-1 with plants coming out of the pipes (normally there aren't any plants coming out of the pipes in 1-1). also as far as i know you need to clip inside the wall to do this WW(the one that goes to the warpzone faster) as small mario in 4-2 in VS smb because mario needs to be WAYYYYYY more to the right of the screen, i think under the "I" in "TIME" from what i remember. unless something else is discovered

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