I'm interested in improving my 2 year old PB
6 years ago
United States

My current PB is a 7:15, it did not do the new antigravity skip in act 3, can someone explain the inputs please? thanks for reading

California, USA

There is no inputs, you just need to reset the level and grab the lever, the reset shrinks the checkpoint hitbox so you can dodge them.

New Hampshire, USA

The inputs? There's nothing much to say, really. It is a lot easier if you press reset at the beginning of the level because then the checkpoint hitboxes decrease and you won't lose the lever effect, and so from the start, make sure you don't hit any checkpoints before the cannon. Then, when it points over to the left, shoot and, well, avoid all the everything. I can't really explain the inputs, sorry. But for the last bit, hop onto the last platform (still don't hit any checkpoints) and just jump over the wall. You'll have to do a wall jump but you can make it over easily. I'll ask Daedlus if I said anything wrong since he knows better than me, and feel free to tell me if that wasn't even what you were asking for at all OpieOP

United States

Ah, I knew about that, but I didn't know that you reset to shrink the hitbox in your PB, thanks for the reply

California, USA

It can save 5 to 6 seconds, because without it i was able to get a 31 and with no levers i was able to get a high 30

Also shrinking the checkpoint hitboxes only benefits you on act 3 and maybe act 8 depending on how you tackle the act

Also where can i find your 7:15 PB

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