All boss - No die
3 years ago
Aquitaine, France

Hello over here!

Used to speedrun on games such as Factorio or Satisfactory (5th Package%, I thought it would be nice to embark on the adventure on Valheim. I looked at a few attempts and quickly realized that the bed near the boss technique was used a lot. I then said to myself, which would be more interesting to embark on the adventure but without dying. I will find it interesting that there is an All Boss - No die section, what do you think?

For the moment, I am in the phase of training in several episodes but I intend to finalize by a single try as soon as I am close ^^

Sorry for English, I'm French and long live google translate ;-)

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North Brabant, Netherlands

Hi there Bubix,

Sounds like a cool category on its own, but in our opinion, it would be the same as not dying in a normal run since not dying will give you the fastest time. Be sure to join our discord for more clarification

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Aquitaine, France

Hello, Thank you for your answer. I am not quite of the same opinion acr I consider that it is impossible (until proof to the contrary) to go to the 5th boss without equipment and without dying. So, the whole point is to find the best balance between equipment and speed ^^

I also post all this on the discord ^^

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maybe its too early atm to segment the leaderboards even further adding hardcore as a subcategory... but long term, i think we should consider imho...

they might add it as a mode, a lot of ppl play and seems interested running it that way... and not only you don't play the same, but some strats might not be applicable (like setting up portals and killing yourself to complete the setup from spawn point them going back to get our gears, as an exemple...)

I gotta agree with Bubix and disagree with Niels484 saying "not dying will give you the fastest time". Dying - quite a lot actually - is by far the best option in Valheim as every death gives you the equivalent of a Mario Bros star with almost infinite armor and stam buff for 50 seconds. This can be mutiplied at will, with no cost to great effect, allowing for HUGE skips (running through the hardest zones naked, even with constant environmental damage, for example). A no death category would be the only one I would personnally be interested in attempting or watching. I do understand some categories of speedrunning are really meant to show the game bare in all the glory of its abused mechanics and that's cool. But I prefer the categories where the run still somewhat resembles the "actual" game (how its played by everyone except specialized speedrunners). In Valheim, death being allowed or not is a complete game changer - probably tripling or so the run's total time when it's not allowed. I believe the two categories are sufficiently distinct to justify creating a different ranking. I would very much like for there to be a hardcore all boss category, with no death, and no voluntary logout (to dodge enemies, refresh stam, loose debuffs). It is just a matter of opinion, but to me, the coolest top tier run of a survival game would look more like a player avoiding death at all costs and not menu-skipping obstacles. Not gonna lie, I would also like for the category to somehow assure the bosses are not cheesed, but there is no way of doing that so I guess Valheim speedruns of all catgories are bound to see bosses die by toe smashing from a dude in a box over their foot or stuff like that XD Congrats to all runners btw!

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United States

Hey! Created an account here to tell you I've completed some runs that are almost exactly as you described! I've uploaded only one (720p, 13.5ish hours), but I have another faster/cleaner run (HD, 12.5 hours) that's ready to go, but I have to wait until January to upload, lol. I log out, but only to take breaks, not to recharge stamina, etc. Give the playlist description a read and see if you're interested!

Nevada, USA

Hardcore has been added into category extensions :) if it picks up we can move it to main board.

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I do have question about this category, in SSG are we allowed to use a seed we pick or do we have find it randomly? Because it seems no different than RSG if not. If we can pick a seed such as "SpeedRun" or something else the RNG will never give us. The rules are confusing cause they say otherwise and I wondered if maybe they were mistakenly showing the RSG rules instead? Or is this specific to Hardcore you also can't pick your seed ?

The rules under Hardcore SSG....

"Kill all the bosses without dying. No glitching or any boss AI abuse. No logging out to circumvent status effects or to refresh stamina bar.

As of October 10th, using printseeds is not allowed.

Start with a new game file and a new character, this must be shown in the video.

Set Seed Glitchless.

You aren't allowed to set a custom seed before making your world. You need to use the randomly generated one.

You must not use glitches such as door and chair clips or item duplicating.

AI manipulations that do not include player clips via chairs, doors or stacks such as Yagluth underground AI manipulation and/or Moder shack AI manipulation are permitted. However, Hardcore% has separate restrictions. Please view the Hardcore category rules to see what is allowed/ not allowed."

Just wanted some clarification on this before I attempted a Hardcore run for the Fast Five.


SSG runs allow you to enter any seed you desire, and you can have the seed open on seed viewer beside you if you wish, just has to be a new world and a new character, IIRC.