**NEW** XBOX GAMEPASS Speedrun Challenge
Albany, NY, USA

Xbox and GamePass just released a new speedrun challenge for Valheim!

Speedrun Rules:

  • Fastest to kill a troll
  • Must play on console - available free on GamePass
  • Must be an entirely new game with a new Viking (Not NG+)
  • Must use the world seed "GAMEPASS"
  • Must be a solo run
  • Time starts when character takes their first step
  • Time ends on the frame the troll dies (0HP)

Submission Rules:

  • Submission titles must include: #GamePassValheimSpeedrun
  • Submissions may be posted to YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram
  • Submissions must be posted by 5:59 PM PST on May 27th
  • Submission must include the full recording of the challenge from start to finish, without any editing or modification.
  • No cheating, exploits, or bugs/glitches.

Top 3 times get a new Valheim inspired Xbox Series X Controller and of course bragging rights.


Post your video links and times below!

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