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ok, so i've been thinking about doing this for a while and i haven't got a complete list yet, but i've been wanting to clean up the leaderboards and remove:

  • outdated runs (not on most recent update)
  • remove random categories with only one or two runs (think 6 char etc.)
  • runs that are not abiding to rules (already doing that now, still got to see if any are not good etc.)

what are the communities thoughts? as much as i hate to remove runs (as many as we have too), i'd like to keep everything clean so that anyone who wants to get into speedrunning the game can have a easy time with navigating runs that are good/bad.

thanks in advance.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

bit of a explanation on my part: i'm trying to keep runs that go above #88 (i'm planning on getting a few runs in soon to update my run), and for the time being, what do you guys think that we should do for the following in future runs:

timing - time ends on sitting on the throne OR as the cutscene starts? and should the in-game timer be allowed/used as a source of time for records? or just keep it as real time to decide?

categories - are there any more categories that we could add?

rules - do we have to change anything in 1 char or 12 char? i think that the rules there are fine as is, but there is always room for changes if anything comes up in future updates.

sorry for my absence and not really anything with streaming. i've been moderating the runs and i plan to give mod to a few people that are active on here. i want to start streaming again soon/recording runs, so hopefully we (the 4-5 of us on here) can discuss things about time, etc.

thanks for reading.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

hi there, right now i'm looking into streaming and speedrunning nuclear throne, a topdown rouge-like shooter game. for a while now, i've been looking at different sources for speedruns of the game, i've seen a few on youtube, but they haven't been posted to this or any website (other than youtube) particular.

when i begin streaming and running the game, should i take those runs into account? or should i just begin from scratch as if those runs had never existed?

thanks in advance!

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