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alright so i'm a complete monkey and missed this. i'll do some updating on 1 char co-op.

sorry for being such a shitter mod, i've been stupid busy with moving and school and work, so i barely have time to check out and accept runs. sorry guys.

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don't die!

just play super safe and only take risks when you really need to, that's really all i can give you.

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  • You'd be removing a ton of runs if you removed everything not on u98. Maybe remove pre-release runs, but even then that's losing a lot of scores.

yeah, that was my main issue in removing a lot of the outdated runs. this game is just really hard to keep a good board on because of the constant updates, but for now i think we should keep it until the game ceases or atleast has a long period of time where updates/balance changes don't hit live.

  • Regarded the just-added rule - I don't think you should retroactively remove runs done in NTT. It barely changes anything from the base game (it's even being used in the summer tournament), and you'd be removing a lot of runs from the already low-population boards.

imo our runs should be done on a vanilla version of nuclear throne with no changes; but it's nice to see different opinions on it. i'll consider it in the time being before i make a final decision on whether or not to remove it.

i am going to remove 6 char and keep 12 char - 12 char is the closest thing we have to a 100%/all character run of nuclear throne, so i think it's worth keeping incase some people enjoy running the game with all the characters.

thanks for the feedback. :)

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ok, so i've been thinking about doing this for a while and i haven't got a complete list yet, but i've been wanting to clean up the leaderboards and remove:

  • outdated runs (not on most recent update)
  • remove random categories with only one or two runs (think 6 char etc.)
  • runs that are not abiding to rules (already doing that now, still got to see if any are not good etc.)

what are the communities thoughts? as much as i hate to remove runs (as many as we have too), i'd like to keep everything clean so that anyone who wants to get into speedrunning the game can have a easy time with navigating runs that are good/bad.

thanks in advance.

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i didn't notice that. i do a lot of runs accepted on my phone so i often rarely notice the descriptions of the runs.

i'll change some of the rules to have it done on the vanilla client. thank you for making a post on this.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

sure, i'll add it in.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

the way i see skips is like this, and we should probably have more indepth discussion about it but here is how i see it:

if at any point, you skip past the normal level progression line (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc.) it counts as a skip. pretty much you want to have a normal line in the portal loading screen to have no skips.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

here's to answer all of your questions:

  • Start with golden weapon? no golden weapons allowed - only for Y.V. since he starts with gold pistol.

  • Boss Intros? they can be on or off; it doesn't affect the timer if you have boss intros on.

  • Start and finish timing? start time is the minute you enter the first portal to go into 1-1 (hard to explain, watch some other runs for a example, timer auto starts when u gain control), and ending is when your character sits on the throne (timer ends automatically at that point so you should be fine)

  • 6 char - who? you can do any six characters of your choosing. frog and skelly do NOT count toward 6 char OR 12 char, but you can use them in 1 char. you can't get skelly in a melting run and continue that; you would have to just end the run there.

  • priority of time (without or out loads)? without loads (in game timer) is what you want for a run. times with loads is just for extra incase you want someone to see your timer/splits.

  • Frog, skely? read above.

  • Proto chest? not allowed; i should clarify that in the rules. sorry.

  • Crowns? crowns are NOT allowed to be used at the start of the run (character select), but you CAN pick up a crown during a run via a portal.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

i actually said to myself "we should probably clarify about that on the rules" and then proceeded to completely forget.

for the time being, let's not start with crowns, ill ask the mods and see what they say

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yeah no I would honestly agree with removing/killing update 95 runs if they had lasers only. we can remove them and act like those never happened LOL

on a more serious note, im also against removing all runs but we will have to see how the game is on final release. i'm not sure as to if the game will still recieve updates after final release but if there are still updates after final release we can tackle it when it happens. i seriously doubt that anything huge will happen after the release of the game so we should be fine on that.

i also think that we should see what the community says before making a final decision.

ps - crown of curses is like so yesterday bruh >.>

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

boss intros stop the timer, so it doesn't matter if you disable them or not.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

i agree with cranberry. unless the game changes in such a huge way that it needs to be that all runs are reset then we can do it easily but i think we should try to avoid it at all costs.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

yeah. now all we gotta do is wait for the runs and we can go from there.

thanks for all the help guys. i'll keep this thread up incase anyone new comes along and has any ideas.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

i don't think we should use milliseconds. unless runs are THAT super close i don't think using milliseconds is necessary. thank you for adding that in by the way.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

yeah, let's change the rule for in-game time on 1 char. i'm not sure how we can change the game to have in-game timer for a category only.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

i kind of like the idea of keeping 1 char on in-game time as well. for the other runs, we should definitely keep it on real time.

another thing i wanted to bring up about the runs recorded, do we want to just wipe all runs after the game leaves the alpha/beta? or do we want to keep runs around that (assuming they don't have anything super game changing)?

one of the reasons i've kept a few of the older runs on the page is because i wanted the game to atleast have some sort of a leaderboard, you know?

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

what about a 6 character category where you can choose whichever 6 characters you want?

i think that would be cool. it would allow for more diversity in character picks and to see who would be fastest rather than just having to watch steroids every single 1 char run (seriously, why does he have to be so broken man :C).

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

i actually modded you a few minutes prior to your post which i thought was pretty funny

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

i think that we should allow in game timer but it should be optional/not really count towards anything. right now, i'm sure it's either a bug or not implemented yet that you can't get the "sit on the throne" ending as steroids yet, so for the time being i'd say just use real-time.

i'm not sure on updates for the time being, i'd say we just set a marker and any runs below that are deleted/not viable.

and like cranberry was saying, most runs that are before the release of the game (isn't that supposed to be pretty soon?) are probably not going to be viable due to the alpha stage. however, we can discuss deleting runs etc. whenever that time comes.

i made a thread (stickied) for any ideas that you guys have, take a peek at it so that we can have a megathread where we can change things.

Illinois, USAvPixl8 years ago

bit of a explanation on my part: i'm trying to keep runs that go above #88 (i'm planning on getting a few runs in soon to update my run), and for the time being, what do you guys think that we should do for the following in future runs:

timing - time ends on sitting on the throne OR as the cutscene starts? and should the in-game timer be allowed/used as a source of time for records? or just keep it as real time to decide?

categories - are there any more categories that we could add?

rules - do we have to change anything in 1 char or 12 char? i think that the rules there are fine as is, but there is always room for changes if anything comes up in future updates.

sorry for my absence and not really anything with streaming. i've been moderating the runs and i plan to give mod to a few people that are active on here. i want to start streaming again soon/recording runs, so hopefully we (the 4-5 of us on here) can discuss things about time, etc.

thanks for reading.

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