NepalSyberSpNew1 year ago

Its been one entire month and my run still hasn't been verified

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NepalSyberSpNew3 years ago

Hello Mods, Can you guys add Mobile Console and PC for all the Categories like in the mcbe and mcbece. I would greatly appreciate it if u do so.

NepalSyberSpNew3 years ago

In the past days, my runs would have gotten verified within 2 or 3 days but now it takes very takes very long time. I got a new PB while my current run isn't even verified!

NepalSyberSpNew3 years ago

If I die in a Minecraft Speedrun, Does that mean I have to reset?

NepalSyberSpNew3 years ago

Hello I have one which is "Can I do speedruns if I am 11"?

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