Orlando, FL, USASarabi4 months ago

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up on some changes that have been made to how runs are timed.

Effective immediately, all runs are no longer required to press the in-game speedrun pad. There was a few reasons for this change, but the main two being it's useless to do so since we no longer use it for timing, and the fact that it allows more people to run the game without needing to beat all the other modes.

Timing now begins on the first frame of movement from checkpoint 1, and ends the moment you touch the "?" teleport at the end, and NOT checkpoint 30. This is because like the speedrun timer, the teleport depends on server speeds.

This change only applies to new runs and will not effect any older runs already on the board.

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi2 years ago

Hello, this is a notice about an upcoming change to the ruleset.

Due to contradictions with the rules, timers are no longer required in run submissions for any category in The Lion King Genesis/Megadrive leaderboards.

We apologize we did not notify the community before making such a change, but again, due to conflicting rules, we did not have an option to do so.

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi2 years ago

Hi everyone. Just wanted to make this thread to make sure everyone knows that we have clarified the rules for the All Difficulties category to clear any confusion that runners had.

The rules now say the following:

“ • Run starts when selecting "START" on the main menu. Run for “Easy” & “Normal” end when Simba successfully throws Scar off of Pride Rock and Scar is off screen. Timer stops completely on “Difficult” when Simba begins his throwing animation and Scar is thrown off of Pride Rock.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask here on the forum or privately. :)

Orlando, FL, USASarabi2 years ago

Hey everyone! We just wanted to make this quick post about an addition we made to the emulation rules. The following was added to the rules:

• "Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King" follows the emulation timing method due to the game not being original hardware.

This has always been the case, and we've been ensuring that .5 has been added to all runs using this version of the game. We just wanted to make sure this was clear for any new runners that may be stumbling across this board with that version, and just a general notice for anyone else who may be running it. That is all! :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi2 years ago

Poisonous Chasm has been reset as a result of the map revamp now in the game.

Read more about the update here:

This will be the final board reset that is deleted, keep a look out for an upcoming announcement.

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hey everyone. I didn't want it to be random and out of the blue, so I decided to make a post for it.

So, as the title indicates, I will be stepping down from the moderation position. I have been here since the very beginning. 2017 doesn't feel so long ago, but somehow time is flying. My reason for departure is very simple - just moving on with life. Next school year I graduate high school, and in general it will be a very big year for me. So I just can't place my worries or thoughts with this page. I have to make sure my priorities are in the right place.

I did discuss this decision with the current moderators. @1xBlindx1 will remain as Super Moderator, but will become the main lead going forward. @8y8x will remain a Moderator as normal. Verifiers are completely unaffected by this change. I will not be stepping down as I post this - I will remain here for the next few days to ensure everything is going smoothly, then hand off the torch.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all of you dearly. ❤️ Good luck to all of you in your future speedrunning endeavors.

Please give Blind a hard time now like you did for me. Don't go easy on him. 😉

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make everyone aware of something that is happening over the next few days.

After moderator discussion and noticing the amount of displeased runners, we have decided that we will be moving to strictly only using the in-game timer. Meaning late flood% runs will no longer be accepted into glitchless% and the rule regarding first frame movement will become void. Before you ask, no. We're not making late flood% a separate category again as it is only used for a small number of maps.

So within the next few days, we will be phasing out the top runs that use this and all times will be corrected to use the IGT. If you submit a late flood run from here on out, then your time will just be changed to the time that is in game.

Thanks. :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hello. So as just announced by Crazy, the new update includes new sliding and rope mechanics that affect all maps in the hard, insane, and crazy difficulty. I have been through these maps during the testing sessions, and unfortunately, these new features alter these maps to the point where every single map in these difficulties will need to be wiped on this website. There isn't anything I can do about that. The following 19 maps are affected:

  • Lava Tower
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Dark Sci-Forest
  • Snowy Peaks
  • Graveyard cliffside
  • Wild Savannah
  • Sedimentary Temple
  • Sunken Citadel
  • Fallen
  • Sinking Ship
  • Familiar Ruins
  • Gloomy Manor
  • Lost Desert
  • Abandoned Facility
  • Dark Sci-Facility
  • Beneath the Ruins
  • Magmatic Mines
  • Blue Moon
  • Poisonous Chasm

However, on the bright side, I believe these new mechanics will bring fresh air to speedrunning this game. They are a lot of fun to mess with. So, just as a heads up. No runs will be accepted today as we clear up the board in preparation for the new runs.

As always, good luck runners. :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick notice about a rule change.

The rule stating that the use of fps unlocker was not allowed has been removed - due to there not being a consistent way to tell whether someone is using one or not. Even without one, the in-game fps counter exceeds 60 fps.

However, the rules about removing anti-cheat and using speed scripts are still in place.

Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hello. This thread is to inform everyone about a new rule.

Exploits are NOT allowed to be used to remove the anti-cheat for your runs. Any third party source injected into the Roblox client is not allowed. This will include the use of FPS unlocker, speed “glitch” scripts, and again, anti-cheat removal. Any runs made prior to these new rules will remain on the board.

Thanks. :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

We are currently looking for verifiers to help with getting runs up on the board.

Verifiers must be 13 years or older. If you are interested, please say so down in the thread. Note that this is not a moderation position. Hence why I am being more lenient on's rules that you need to be 16 years or older to be a moderator.

If you are accepted and caught lying about your age, your position as verifier will be removed along with all your runs on this board.

People who are interested must have a solid understanding of the main rules. If you have any questions about them when/if you are selected, ask a moderator and they will clarify with you.

Thanks, and good luck. :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago


This post is being made to inform everyone of two things. For one, @Zooms has stepped down from leadership position. @1xBlindx1 has joined me in leading this page. While it had been a while, I want to thank Zooms for all his work on the board. This page wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for him starting us off.

Secondly, this is also a reminder that we have a discord server. This server is for both Flood Escape & Flood Escape 2 runners. Don't forget to join in! We're currently trying to revive that place.

That's all for today. Have a good one everyone. :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hi, just wanted to make a quick post regarding runs that are being or will be removed in the future. As updates come and go, things are bound to change with our page. Whether there’s a new map, new physics, or something that requires us to edit the rules, it happens.

We just wanted to let everyone know if your run is removed, it is because one of the following reasons:

• Your run is found to be against the rules.

• An update patches something, causing old runs to become impossible to beat.

• A map is refurbished to the point where old runs are impossible to beat.

The second reason is going to be the most common reason. As the developer continues to do general updates and patches, expect waves of run rejections occasionally. With this post, you shouldn’t be blindsided by this.

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

It has come to our attention that there are some stealing videos, submitting them claiming for the videos to be their own. This is strictly against the rules. From now on, if you’re caught, you will get a warning. However, on the 2nd offense, your runs will no longer be accepted on this page and will be an automatic decline, regardless of it being your video or not.

Second, boasting. I’ve noticed some words going around. Boasting & Harassment against other runners (while different, but still not ok) are against the site rules as well. We can’t expect everyone to be best buddies, but you still need to treat other runners with respect. If you are shown to be boasting or bullying other runners, your runs will not be accepted AND your runs will be REMOVED.

Try to keep this place a respectable one. Have a good one everyone. :)

(oh and please have patience with getting your runs verified. We’re getting overflows with all the new maps being added to the game.)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hello everyone. As many will soon notice, two of perhaps the largest changes have been made to this page:

The old unused Any% categories have now been removed & Multiplayer% has been changed to Duo%.

I know this is was an unprecedented move that many people were not expecting. Let me explain why the moderation took this step. While this is a simple explanation, it is necessary to let everyone know why this was done.

The removal of Any% is a bit less shocking, and some probably could have seen it coming. This category has sat unused for... I want to say over a year now, maybe? It has been some time. This category was removed due to that fact. There is no point in having a non supported category listed anymore. The game has been severely altered since that category was created in 2017 - making nearly all the runs either unbeatable or just plain unfair. So even if we were to revive that category, the existing runs would have been a lost cause anyway.

Now, for the bigger change, Multiplayer% --> Duo%. The submission page now restricts you from listing more than two people in a multiplayer run. This decision was not made very lightly, as we know this erases quite a few runs. Not most, but a good amount from each level. We did this because presenting more and more players on an unlimited scale for one level is unfair. It gives people with more players in a category an unfair advantage over a duo pair. It is also important to note that trio+ was not the popular choice for multiplayer, anyway. 95% of multiplayer runs were done as a duo. So... as a result of what I mentioned, unfair advantages, and a few other determining factors, we now restrict multiplayer to duo runs. All multiplayer runs will now require POVs, and can no longer be done in a public server.

We hope you can understand why we made these changes, and we will update you if any other changes take place - which will be likely, as the developer begins to update the game again.

If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread. Thanks, and I hope you all have a good remainder of the week.

Trio+ runs will not be removed unless they are World Records.

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi3 years ago

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well. This is just a reminder for future applicants that will want to moderate this page.

• As per rules, you MUST be 16 years or older to be able to moderate a game. This includes Flood Escape 2.

If we do not abide by this rule, we may get in trouble. So please keep this in mind. Have a great day! :)

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Orlando, FL, USASarabi4 years ago

To make it easier, I updated the multiplayer category to one category, instead of each number of players. May be easier to do now.

Orlando, FL, USASarabi4 years ago

so it looks like there is now 6 mods and 3 of them don't do anything. i think it's because they have high rank so they can't be demoted so pls mods if u dont do anything pls just step down ok thats my PSA thanks bye

Orlando, FL, USASarabi4 years ago

Hey everyone. Been a while. The creator has returned and fixed up the game a bit. So this page may be submitted with runs again! Good luck!

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