thread: Speedrunning
Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones3 years ago

I am guessing you mean building a spice rack?

"What We Do Not Accept

At this time, we are not adding the following:

  • Short/Trivial Games
  • Generic Puzzle Games
  • Generic Typing Games
  • Geography Games
  • Vocabulary/Math and other Educational Games
  • Quiz Games
  • Generic Sudoku Solvers/Minesweeper Remakes/Rubik's Cube Solvers/etc.
  • Visual Novels/Interactive Movies
  • PvP-Related Activities
  • High-Score Based Submissions
  • Non-Video-Game Activities"
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thread: Speedrunning
Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones3 years ago

@Oreo321 Yes. That is 100% correct.

EDIT: Typo.

thread: Speedrunning
Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones3 years ago

@Mewtwo Two Worlds - less than 2 minutes Fallout 1 - 5 minutes Fallout 2 - 10 minutes Fallout 3 - 15 minutes Fallout: New Vegas - 10 minutes Fallout 4 - 1 hour Knights of Old Republic - 50 minutes Knights of Old Republic 2 - 40 minutes Dragon Age: Origins - 42 min

So IDK about that.

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thread: Speedrunning
Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones3 years ago

If you have an issue with a particular speedrun, take it to the moderators and forums of said game, instead of cluttering the wrong forums.

Also, judging the fact that you created this account about an hour ago, it seems that your purpose is just to cause drama. Bad form, dude.

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones5 years ago

This is a bit of a late reply, but try running the game in compatibility mode and select Windows XP Service Pack 3

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Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones5 years ago

Does the game run fine without windowing? Have you tried setting the compatibility mode to Win XP Service Pack 3?

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones5 years ago

I had a similar problem - my 1.01 game would crash after I entered the Johnson house and skipped the cutscenes to when the car blows up. Downgraded Steam version worked fine. What fixed my issue was that I set the compatibility mode to Win XP Service Pack 3. So you could try this

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Sorry for a late reply but this past week has been pretty hectic + I got sick.

Only reason I can think of from the top of my head why my dialogues are slower is that I had to fiddle with dosbox rendering settings to show up in my OBS, IIRC. I'll fiddle around with it today.

There is no reason to change the gamespeed by typing over f10 other than I either forgot or didn't know.

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

[quote]Highlights they do, past broadcasts they do not. You can archive your past broadcasts, but they'll be auto deleted after a couple weeks (idk the the exact time).[/quote] Today I learned something. I always record locally too and upload them to YT, so I have only skimmed how long what stays in Twitch.

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

But the thing is that IIRC Twitch doesn't save the streams/highlights forever.

thread: Speedrunning
Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

A good rule of thumb is that you should contact the mods if they haven't verified (or rejeceted) your run for about three weeks.

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Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Welcome to running and to the site. May RNGeesus always smile on you :)

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Welcome to the community :) Come for speedruns, stay for the banter.

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

It saves a few, because the game doesn't have to render your hat.

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Welcome. :)

What are your plans for future runs?

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Hello everyone.

I have been interested in speedrunning for a couple of years now, but I didn't personally start doing runs until this year.

I mainly plan on running older adventure games from my childhood, because feel that I am familiar enough with them. I have no idea whether I will be doing other genres or not. Time will tell.

Happy running and may RNG be always favourable to you.

Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Of course you can submit your run. Even if it's hours longer than the current WR, if it's the fastest YOU can run said game within the rules, there is no reason not to submit it. That said, I am currently trying to get a sub 50 min run in Monkey Island 2 before I submit it.

Welcome to the site. Happy running :)

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Kanta-Häme, FinlandOsmosis_Jones6 years ago

Hey, welcome to the site, mate.

Watching bits of your run I got interested and will probably someday try to run Gorky17. Might take some time, because I'd like to enjoy the story first. And get the hang of things.

What other games are you thinking of running?

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