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While cordwainerbird's execution is better, his game speed is visually faster than Osmorosvo's.

Osmorosvo stated that he used "Cycles auto (3000), frameskip 0." settings, cordwainerbird didn't state anything yet.

If this difference is caused by DOSBox settings, there probably should be some consensus on the amount of cycles set.

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I used the same settings as Osmorosvo - that is to say, Cycles auto (3000), frameskip 0. Not sure how to provide proof, but I'd definitely like to. I was confused as well why his game was so slow compared to mine.

I tried playing the game myself and my text skip speed on the "fastest" ingame speed (and at auto cycles in DOSBox) is the same as cordwainerbird's. Wonder what was wrong with Osmorosvo's laggy dialogues. I also have no idea why Osmorosvo set his ingame speed to "faster" before the final talk with jacuzzi girl.

Also is there a reason to change the ingame game speed by typing and not using F10 button?

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Sorry for a late reply but this past week has been pretty hectic + I got sick.

Only reason I can think of from the top of my head why my dialogues are slower is that I had to fiddle with dosbox rendering settings to show up in my OBS, IIRC. I'll fiddle around with it today.

There is no reason to change the gamespeed by typing over f10 other than I either forgot or didn't know.

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No reason to change the gamespeed by typing, except I just find it easier since I have to type again immediately after ("open door", to get into the bar), saving me the trouble of moving my hand all over my keyboard.

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