United StatesMacobra521 month ago

Yeah, this appears to be the only spade tile I forgot to update when placing it. All the other ones should work normally. Thanks for reporting!

United StatesMacobra523 months ago

Here are the CPU ranges and odds of winning for the Japanese version:

Florida (175-238)

  • 100 - 0%
  • 200 ~ 42.5%
  • 300 ~ 100%

Hawaii 1 (265-328)

  • <=200 - 0%
  • 300 ~ 52.5%
  • 400 ~ 100%

Hawaii 2 (325-388)

  • <=200 - 0%
  • 300 ~ 4.7%
  • 400 ~ 87.8%
  • 500 - 100%

Hawaii 3 (375-438)

  • <=300 - 0%
  • 400 ~ 42.5%
  • 500 ~ 100%
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United StatesMacobra529 months ago

For reference, here is the complete version history of Speedrunner's Edition along with the major changes. These dates can be used as a guide to determine the exact version of SE used when viewing runs:

V1.0 - 4/9/20

Initial Release

V1.1 - 4/12/20

Autoscrolling was removed from Coin Heaven bonus area

V1.2 - 4/13/20

V1.3 - 4/14/20

V1.4 - 4/17/20

SRC Leaderboard created for SMB3 SE

V1.5 - 10/30/20

Movement of 1s guaranteed in World 1

Spade tile added to 4-5/4-6 junction in World 4

V1.6 - 9/6/21

Star/Music Box no longer required to avoid the W8 Hand Traps

V1.7 - 10/23/22

World 6 Cloud Bro moved from 6-9/6-10 area to after 6-4

Spade tile moved to middle of vertical section after 3-4

V1.8. - 8/22/23

World 4 P-Wing Bro moved from 4-F2 area to after 4-4

V2.0 - 9/17/23

Koopa Kid patterns modified to be consistent

United StatesMacobra5211 months ago

Got it down to a 2:39 after figuring out a way to grind points in 1-1 instead of playing 1-3 and 1-F. It's a fun and quick little category. Was thinking we could call it All W1 Bonuses or maybe All Map Bonuses

United StatesMacobra521 year ago

1up mushrooms can only be collected once per level. If you refresh the area/room where one would normally be located, it'll be replaced with a small vegetable. Similarly with locked doors, they only need to be unlocked once with the key and it'll stay opened for that level.

and yeah, I wouldn't include coins either since they're more arbitrary, especially since you can only collect coins from subspace twice per level before they become small veggies.

United StatesMacobra521 year ago

I looked into this game recently and was able to figure out how to disable the notorious flashing that occurs when starting the game, defeating a boss, or warping. Considering it's one of the worst cases of flashing on the NES and does not affect anything else timing wise, was wondering if it could possibly be accepted for use in speedruns.

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United StatesMacobra521 year ago

Based on these ranges and the approximate weight you're given when a marlin is initially caught, I put a quick program together to calculate the odds of winning each tournament for reference:

Florida (300-427)

  • <=200 - 0%
  • 300 ~ 9.9%
  • 400 ~ 76.5%
  • 500 - 100%

Hawaii 1 (480-607)

  • <=400 - 0%
  • 500 ~ 19.4%
  • 600 ~ 87.09%
  • 700 - 100%

Hawaii 2 (600-727)

  • <=500 - 0%
  • 600 ~ 9.9%
  • 700 ~ 76.5%
  • 800 - 100%

Hawaii 3 (700-827)

  • <=600 - 0%
  • 700 ~ 9.9%
  • 800 ~ 76.5%
  • 900 - 100%
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United StatesMacobra521 year ago

Making another new thread to discuss ideas for a potential 100% category for SMB2.

Since SMB2's progression is based on levels completed, I feel that for a potential 100% category it should simply complete everything the game keeps track of in each level. Reviewing Xkeeper's disassembly this would mainly include these three things:

  • Powerup Mushrooms
  • 1up Mushrooms
  • Whether the key has been used in levels with a key and lock

Other considerations I would not include:

  • Character contribution (it's a simple statistic, nothing more)
  • P4 lives (for obvious reasons)
  • Any collectables that respawn (cherries, stars, plants, stopwatches, etc.)
  • Visiting all rooms (the game does not keep track of this)

So yeah, ultimately my proposal would combine two categories we already have and also include unlocking all doors with the key. Thoughts? Anything I may have missed?

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United StatesMacobra521 year ago

All good suggestions. Thanks Rohbert!

• Clawgrip Quick Kill -Yep definitely a glitch I would ban

• Double bounce hits with enemies on birdo (5-3) -I feel this is fine as an allowed 'glitch'

• 1-1 jumping up to high hill using a charge jump from tweeter and/or jumping up with Luigi -I would consider it a minor shortcut that would be allowed for this. Sure you skip one room, but it's easy enough to jump up with any character

• 3-1 left of vine shortcut door (which forces you to go on ceiling to get to birdo) -Forgot about this shortcut tbh. I wouldn't allow it

• Star Kill birdo (1-2, 2-1, 4-2) -This is fine imo

United StatesMacobra521 year ago

I know several others are on board with this idea, but to make it formal (and to bring some activity here), here it is...As the name describes the goal is to complete all levels without making use of any warps, glitches or major shortcuts commonly seen in the other categories.

Obviously the exact rules will need to be determined and finalized by the moderators, but to get some discussion started I'm going to mainly leverage the rules CurtsNewBrand came up with (with some additions) as I feel it's a good starting point for what would be allowed/banned.

Banned Glitches:

  • Double jumps (can go back if you perform one by accident)
  • Glitched grabs (veggie glitch, pow glitch, etc.)
  • Floor clips (1-1, 1-3, etc.)
  • Walking on the ceiling (3-2, 7-2, etc.)
  • Zombie rocket
  • Wrong warps (3-3 star kill, 2-3 door glitch, etc.)
  • Elevator glitch
  • Fast carpet
  • Wart 7th hit glitch

Allowed 'Glitches':

  • Vine/chain/ladder jumping
  • Abusing bounce mechanic of blocks/keys
  • Skipping digs by walking on an enemy
  • Kill code when not in a rocket
  • Abusing pick up animation invincibility frames
  • Clipping into ledges
  • Picking up enemies/objects from below or the side

Banned Shortcuts (not covered implicitly by the banned glitches above):

  • 1-1 shortcut door behind the bombable wall
  • 1-2 using the carpet/Ninji to bypass key/underground area
  • 3-2 skipping sections with Princess/Luigi
  • 3-3 skipping the intended route with a Ninji (must go through locked door)
  • 4-3 jumping the large gap with Princess/Luigi/Mario
  • 5-3 ducking past the small jars in the tree section
  • 6-3 shortcut door to the left of the first ladder (must go right)
  • 7-1 jumping over the tall pillar in the second area with Luigi/Princess

Allowed Shortcuts:

  • 6-2 jumping across the Albatosses/Beezos
  • 7-1 jumping to the left toward the rocket right away
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United StatesMacobra521 year ago

If it'll encourage more people to give Nice% a try, you can modify the rules to remove the restrictions on how the lives are accumulated.

-From a new game, complete level 6-9 with exactly 9 lives and 69 coins total on the status bar. -Warp whistles are allowed.

United StatesMacobra521 year ago

New sub-category proposal for Frog%: Any% (No Wrong Warp)

Using a route similar to Small Mario Only Any%, you can actually beat the game as Frog Mario, unlike the other Frog categories which end at World 5.

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United StatesMacobra522 years ago

Alright Teex's spreadsheet has been updated to show EH and Hands for the top 50 times. Feel that's a good start.

Grandpoobear's 52:46 was the only run that I couldn't review due to the VOD being missing. On his Youtube though I found a 52:44 PB from 2018 with one hand (no EH).

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United StatesMacobra522 years ago

This request is similar to one I've made here two years ago, but since moderators have changed since then I feel it's time to bring this up for discussion again.

On SRC you can specify custom columns (variables) on the leaderboard in order to keep track of various things for statistical purposes (the All Forts category currently uses one for whether the player used the Wrong Warp there). I feel the following columns would be great to have in Warpless specifically due to how much of a factor RNG has on the category:

Early Hammer (Was the W2 hammer acquired before 2-3/2-quicksand? Could be a simple No or Yes, or more specific, such as 1 death, post 2-3, etc.)

Hands (How many times was the player grabbed on the World 8 hand bridge?)

Obviously the main issue would be having to go through all the runs and fill in this information. I know Teex has a spreadsheet he is maintaining with this info (and more) for the top times, but I would be more than willing to assist with filling in the gaps if needed, maybe starting with top 50/top 100 for now. I feel these columns would be just enough to paint a better Warpless picture directly on the leaderboard though without it being too cluttered.

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United StatesMacobra522 years ago

Understandable. I haven't looked at Super Metroid too much tbh (I'm more familiar with the Mario and Zelda leaderboards), but you're right. Using the name for their fastest category (Any% Glitched) would seem more fitting in this case. Up to you in the end of course.

I didn't see the glitch mentioned/documented anywhere else, which was kinda surprising since it seems easy to stumble upon through casual play. It can result in other weirdness as well depending on how many times you press B at the 'Save you Record?' prompt. Most of the time the game just crashes, but other times I've been able to re-enter the fishing screen again with the music still playing, for example. Sadly, no warp straight to the credits yet though.

United StatesMacobra522 years ago

Took me several tries, but here is a run that finally went well for me that demonstrates this glitch. I'm using Snes9x 1.6.1, but I can guarantee the glitch works on console as well.

United StatesMacobra522 years ago

Hi there. Just discovered there was a SRC leaderboard for this game recently. I haven't attempted a run yet myself, but it's game I've played a lot growing up and I wanted to bring your attention to a glitch I used to mess with that can be used to skip straight to the final tournament. This trick is not valid for the current Any% since you have to reset and reload your save, but I was thinking maybe this could be the new Any% run (since you reach the credits much faster, only needing to complete one tournament) and the current category can be possibly renamed to either 'Glitchless' or 'All Tournaments'. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  1. Start a new file like normal and when you have control of the boat, immediately return to weigh-in (do not take the guide)

  2. Progress like normal and when the game asks if you want to Save your Record, press B once to repeat the message

  3. This time, press A to save. The game will glitch out a bit, but the trick is complete. Simply reset and reload your save and you will appear in the next tournament despite not qualifying

  4. Repeat for tournaments 2 and 3, then complete the final tournament like normal (if you do the glitch on the final tournament, you will simply go back to the starting tournament with the game thinking you beat the game, but you don't see the credits or anything)

United StatesMacobra522 years ago

For those who run Frog%, the Frog Patch in Resources has been updated to version 1.1.

This is an optional update that fixes the softlock that occurs if you do not enter the final door right away after defeating Bowser. Most people hold up at the door to enter as soon as possible anyway, but for those who don't want to risk the softlock (and invalidating their run) I would recommend updating.

Instructions: Patch the original SMB3 game with Speedrunner's Edition first, then apply the Frog Patch on top.

United StatesMacobra522 years ago

Do you have a video of the 6-9 Tanooki strat? I gave it a try but couldn't get through. And yep you are correct with the 4-5 giant blocks. Thanks!

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