Adding new Categories
2 years ago
Overijssel, Netherlands

We have been thinking about the way we decided to add new categories to the CE leaderboard. We used to only add new categories if the community showed enough interest in it. This made it difficult for people with new ideas to get people to play their categories, because the majority of runners only play existing categories.

So now we've come up with the following: If you have a new category idea, reply to this forum post and we'll add it to the miscellaneous tab. Make sure you have a finished run to showcase your category.

When a category gets big enough (5+ runners) we'll move it from the misc. tab and make it a proper CE category. If the category doesn't achieve this within 3 months, we will delete it since the community has shown no interest in running it.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

Edit: changed the deletion criteria to keep the misc. tab as a 'trial' tab like we intended.

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Wisconsin, USA
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

Pacifist Tanooki. Already has two completed runs with video evidence from two different people. Caylak with 27m20s - Doctor_TP with 25m 59s -

Rules can be found in my discord or here:

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California, USA

I enjoyed playing Tanooki Pacifist with save states. I imagine it's doable with enough practice, but the skill ceiling is quite high. Same with 100% Coinless, which I'm trying to achieve. Some categories like this might work better as just a Challenge Run rather than a speedrun though.

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Overijssel, Netherlands

100% coinless sounds more fun as a challenge run than a speedrun, but I haven't tried it myself yet.

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Basque Country

oh so this works like the "pending" appart in the ce of smo cool

United States

I devised this run in the discord a while back for the memes, but here it is again for consideration as a CE:


-From a new game, complete level 6-9 with exactly 9 lives and 69 coins total on the status bar. -Warp whistles are allowed. -Accumulating lives from consecutive stomps/kills or triple card fanfares is NOT allowed.

Time starts when you press start on the title screen. Time ends when you touch the end card in 6-9.


Meme value aside, there's several possible approaches to take as far as when and where to accumulate the coins and lives. With consecutive stomps/fanfares not allowed that leaves 1up mushrooms and the mini-games in particular if runners want to try their luck there.

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Overijssel, Netherlands

So far we've already have two categories that got 5+ runners and made it out of the misc. tab. Congratulations to Poop Block% and Small Mario Only 97%!

Great to see people are showing interest in running the new categories, proving the success of the new changes. Now let's see if more categories can follow!

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something that would get a load of players would be Individual levels, using ingame time like in new super mario bros 2.

Overijssel, Netherlands

I don't see any value in ILs since they always end up being a leaderboard with 30 people sharing the WR and 1 person being a second slower.

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i dunno, its great for individual level optimization, maybe do Doom style small mario start to not just be p wing + star start for some creativity.

it will have more people running it that some joke run like 69 coins or other meme categories.

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Colorado, USA

We used to have ILs in SMB1 and from a moderator standpoint, I wouldn't recommend it.

Using IGT is an inaccurate measure and is probably even less accurate in SMB3 than SMB1. If you use real time, then that's a bunch of runs that you have to framecount.

You'll also run into situations where someone will submit a Warpless run AND each IL in that run that they want to submit which could be all of them. The feeling of checking the queue and seeing 30+ ILs just from one person is just...a remarkable experience.

It's just a ton of extra work for the moderators and provides little to no value.

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thats fair, what about individual worlds 100% (small mario start)?

you know, beat every level/hammer bro in a world without using any items that you got from previous worlds?

Kansas, USA

Might as well just do a speedrun of the game imo. No need to make the moderators do extra work. No one really wants to watch ILs in SMB3 I don't think.

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i mean, the thread is about suggesting new categories, they are going to get extra work if more categories are added, under that line of thinking just do nothing else and keep the game like it is.

Ontario, Canada

I agree with IL’s leaderboard being a drag for moderators. Its just a lot of levels. I would like to see some shorter categories like coinship% (get one after 1-1) and soft lock% which you do in 1-3. Even a secretest exit IL would be fun which is a cool meme.

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the point of a leaderboard its to have people that want to be part of it participating, creating meme categories that a handful of people are going to run over actual categories that would get the comunity on it is stupid, if that isnt an option just keep the 4 main categories and maybe add glitchless or something and thats it.


I think there can be many different ideas behind leaderboards on SRC. In my opinion, the idea behind the CE board for SMB3 is to let runners of the game try different challenges than they face doing the main categories, and to just have fun trying something different as a break from the regular grind. By its nature, the CE board categories are going to have fewer runners, and that’s fine.

When it comes to IL runs, they may be something the community is interested in — though I don’t have that impression at all — but we in the CE moderator team are not willing to do the very tedious work of verifying such runs.

However, if you think this is really something that would interest a lot of runners, then you can request that SRC create an IL leaderboard for SMB3. Reach out to people you know in the community who you think are interested in moderating such a leaderboard, and ask if they’re willing to help you out with run verification.

We will not add IL runs to the CE leaderboard.

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Overijssel, Netherlands

This is the last thing I'm going to add to this topic since we're not getting anywhere.

The main point of a leaderboard is to compete against other players. A good competitive category will become popular. The opposite isn't always true. A category can also be popular because it's easy and a lot of people can submit without any real effort.

ILs fall into the 'popular because easy' category. So far the only people that I've seen are interested in ILs are people who haven't invested a lot of time in any of the main categories. I do want to listen to everyone's ideas, but the opinions of people who are active in the community are more important than the opinions of people who aren't very active.

Category Extensions are meant to be the place for meme categories and categories that weren't deemed fit for the main boards. So I don't appreciate you taking a dig at the categories we currently have.

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New York, USA

ILs do not breed competition. They simple serve as a way for lower skill, lower commitment runners to hold hundreds of shared WRs in games they have little to no skill in and have no interest in being in the community. Leave ILs to the mobile and online games so the non-reteo gamers can feel good about them selves, but do weaken a good NES community.

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Ontario, Canada


Softlock the game as fast as possible

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