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I am speedrunning Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no Gyakushu on my Super Nintendo Entertainment system. I live in Europe so I have a PAL SNES. I use the FireFX Converter to play my Japanese Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no Gyakushu game. I would really love to submit my runs from my PAL SNES. But in the submission aren't any options to select PAL SNES, only NTSC. I would really love to discuss a way to make my PAL runs be able to submit. For example looking at retiming, countering platform differences, recognizing the advantage of taking things at 50hz. I would love to help in this process. I would love to discuss this with the game mods ( @ebloodycandy ).

Thank you

Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago

So I own a SNES. But I live in Europe and this is a 50hz SNES. I really wanna speedrun this game I got. Its a Japanese game and it is only made in Japan. To play this game on my SNES I bought a Converter. A FIRE FX converter to be exact. I think the game now runs in 50hz. But on you can only submit NTSC runs. which begs question: Am I allowed to submit my PAL 50hz runs to the leaderboard to be retimed? I really wanna speedrun on my lovely old SNES instead of buying a Super Famicon or a American SNES nor do I not wanna play on an emulator. I really love the vibe of the old SNES. So I am hoping someone could give me an explaination on how tackles this issue. Since its Speedrun.COM not Speedrun.USA/JP. I already contacted the Moderator of the game I am running. Thanks!

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