Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi121 year ago

You are insane! Nice speedrun! SUB 8:40!!!! Congrats!

Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago

Flawless run! Nice job! Love your streams

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Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago


I am speedrunning Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no Gyakushu on my Super Nintendo Entertainment system. I live in Europe so I have a PAL SNES. I use the FireFX Converter to play my Japanese Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no Gyakushu game. I would really love to submit my runs from my PAL SNES. But in the submission aren't any options to select PAL SNES, only NTSC. I would really love to discuss a way to make my PAL runs be able to submit. For example looking at retiming, countering platform differences, recognizing the advantage of taking things at 50hz. I would love to help in this process. I would love to discuss this with the game mods ( @ebloodycandy ).

Thank you

Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago

@hahhah42 Oh that would make sense why he ain't responding. I tried contacting the moderator by his discord linked in his profile. But that username didn't excist. Also all the other links of his social media are not working.

Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago

Yo @Pear the game is Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no Gyakushu

Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago

I tried contacting the moderator of the game. But he isn't responding which is really sad. Do you have tips for me how I should handle this situation? @Quivico

Friesland, NetherlandsHitoshi122 years ago

So I own a SNES. But I live in Europe and this is a 50hz SNES. I really wanna speedrun this game I got. Its a Japanese game and it is only made in Japan. To play this game on my SNES I bought a Converter. A FIRE FX converter to be exact. I think the game now runs in 50hz. But on you can only submit NTSC runs. which begs question: Am I allowed to submit my PAL 50hz runs to the leaderboard to be retimed? I really wanna speedrun on my lovely old SNES instead of buying a Super Famicon or a American SNES nor do I not wanna play on an emulator. I really love the vibe of the old SNES. So I am hoping someone could give me an explaination on how tackles this issue. Since its Speedrun.COM not Speedrun.USA/JP. I already contacted the Moderator of the game I am running. Thanks!

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