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Hey y'all.

So for awhile I've been thinking about stepping away from heading up the LM community. It's been a blast, but my life is getting more and more hectic, I don't run the game anymore, and I can't commit myself to helping grow and care for the community like I once was able to. That being said, when I became mod here in the first place, the community was in a tough spot to say the least in terms of organizing rules and establishing what was right and wrong. (Shoutouts to serious discussions, great stuff lmao). The community is much more solid now, and everyone seems to be able to work together well.

Thanks for letting me host tournaments and be a part of all of this, it's been a blast, even when it wasn't.

Best of luck in the future and go fast <3


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Hi all!

First off, thank you to anyone who entered the tournament this year. I'm excited to see some great match ups. That being said, let's explain how exactly to set up your matches with speedgaming this year.

It's pretty simple. First off, contact your opponent and set up a time and date for your match to be held. Once that is established, one of you will head to this website and enter the information required.

From there, most of your work is done. From there a commentator will be assigned to your match. Please set up your match at least a day or so in advance to allow commentators time to prepare and schedule things out.

Show up to your match ready to go 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to allot for setup. Your gamefeed will be streamed to your twitch channel, and speedgaming will take care of the rest. Please make sure your gamefeed is clear, no layout is covering it, and if you usually use a microphone that it is fully muted so it doesn't cut into the restream. Additionally, once you sign up for your match you can see which speedgaming channel your race will be displayed on.

If you want to see the other currently scheduled matches, head over to the website below.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to anyone in discord and we will be happy to help!

Thanks, Adam

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Hey all!

It's that time of year again. Sign Ups are officially open for the 2018 Luigi's Mansion No OoB Tournament.


  • Don't cheat! Refer to leaderboard rules, same apply here.
  • All runs will be restreamed. Please make sure you know how to stream. Ask questions if you don't, we're all happy to help you figure it out.
  • Make sure to schedule your matches in advance, more info on how to do that will come after sign ups

Sign up link:

Something new for this year. We're going to have all restreams hosted by SpeedGaming. If you're unfamiliar with their work, they host many tournaments throughout many different communities, and they are very good at it too. More info to come on all that though.

Sign ups will end on Saturday, June 2! Races will start the following week. Beyond that, there will be a week break at the end of June due to SGDQ.

As per usual, there will be a cash prize for first and second place. If anyone wants to help contribute to the prize pool, contact me!

If anyone has any questions, make sure to join the discord! Link:

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Alright! Another week down! Some things to go over.

Jared and Switch match is postponed for early this week due to things Jared talked to me personally about. Dutch and DarQ is delayed to this week as well since Dutch was at ESA. Unfortunately, since Afroman is out of town for last week and this week I don't think it's feasible to keep him around in the tournament. Reaction is kicked from the tournament due to literally harassing everyone. Couple of other resignations as well, but we're more or less on track.

Now we're at Round 4 and Loser's Round 2. Round 4 matches are REQUIRED TO BE RESTREAMED! From here on, all main bracket matches will require restreaming as well. Losers bracket.... well not yet.

A couple of reminders:

  • If you want/need your match restreamed to the community channel, contact a commentator/restreamer and get it scheduled with that specific person.
  • All matches MUST be done through SRL racing and results posted either in #tournament or sent to me (screenshots work best)
  • No USB loaders or cheating or being bad blah blah blah

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, and if you absolutely cannot get your race done this week please message me privately and I'll get it handled to the best of my ability. Best of luck to everyone this week!

P.S. If you aren't in the discord, it's much easier to communicate information through there so go ahead and give that a join!

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Hey all!

It's that time of year again. We're going to be hosting another No OoB tournament. Rules are going to be slightly changed from last year to make things a little more simple and relaxed, but still efficient.


  • Obviously no cheating using pre-recorded runs, loaders, emulators, etc etc.
  • All runs are on hidden mansion
  • All races must be completed via SRL race
  • Races do not need to be restreamed until a set point in the tournament (undetermined at what point as obviously sign ups are not yet complete). If a race is not restreamed, you must send SRL results to a moderator, restreamer, or myself. Any race result of sub 1:05 will need video proof as per leaderboard rules, so if you aren't going to stream please at least local record if you are going to get that time. The less proof calling we have to do, the better.
  • If your race is being restreamed, you can stream on any platform of your choosing. MAKE SURE TO SCHEDULE A TIME WITH A RESTREAMER BEFORE YOU RACE IF YOU WANT IT TO BE STREAMED ON THE COMMUNITY CHANNEL. Don't wing it boys and girls.
  • There will be cash prize for first and second place. I'm going to accumulate some funds, so that isn't determined yet until I figure out my money situation. It's going to be at least $200 for first and $50 for second, if not more. =]

Sign up link:

Additionally, at some point I'm probably going to need extra restreamers with stable internet and decent computers who will be committed to restreaming races. If you are interested, please message me privately. Thanks!

Sign ups will end on Saturday, July 1! Looking forward to fun times and great races.

The tournament will most likely begin during the second week of July, after SGDQ. We'll try to complete a round a week, but deadlines aren't set in stone if there are any scheduling conflicts. Of course any DQ's if need be are subject to the moderators and blah blah blah don't do dumb stuff =]

If anyone has any questions, make sure to join the discord! Link:

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So clearly the leaderboard is down a few mods due to either inactivity or other reasons. There was some talk in Discord, and I agree that we should add Michael, Zircon, and Rhombus as mods to the leaderboard. Any objections?

Florida, USAGc4ever40017 years ago

I'll try and keep this brief.

As you may or may not be aware, Veman has recently been active again after a long time away and some drama that had happened. Leaderboard mods have been in discussion for the past couple days and have come to the conclusion that due to a lack of trust from past experiences, we will not be accepting his runs onto the leaderboard. Obviously he can still run the game and do what he wants, just the times will not be reflected on this website.

Thanks for your time.


Edit: If the rest of the community thinks this is wrong, no decision is ever final. Please put your input. As for input, here's a screencap of my personal opinions from a few days ago.

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Florida, USAGc4ever40017 years ago


So some people in Discord were talking about updating the leaderboards a bit. Someone mentioned removing Boohead and Sarcrai due to inactivity and adding Snap, Michael, and Rhombus since they are always around in Discord and to help out and what not.

Also there was talk of potentially adding another supermod to the leaderboards as I myself have become a bit less active due to real life circumstances (running a business is hard yo). Do keep in mind, a supermod is not above anyone, but rather someone to help settle disputes. I'm cool either way no matter what people decide.

Ready, set, discuss. Play nice <3

P.S. Happy New Year Everyone <3 <3 <3

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Just to go officially on the record so there are no questions about it and no behind closed doors nonsense.

As of today, August 9, 2016 all runs submitted previously and in the future by MonadoPurge will be removed from the leaderboard as he has been accused of and caught splicing runs by both myself and TheOfficialSkozzy.

On his most recent PB, there was no audio on the video, and after leaving Weston room he had 15 medium pearls and after completing Van Gore he had 14 medium pearls. Also he had 3 big pearls at Weston and 2 during Van Gore. There is no way to "lose" pearls in this video game.

Beyond that, after being accused he immediately deleted the video and left the LM discord, pretty much pleading guilty.

Just wanted to make this open and clear so that there is no confusion or questions to it.

Thanks, Adam (GC)


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Update again!

Round 3 is over, and so we move on to Round 4! Not only that but this week starts Round 1 of the Loser's Bracket as well. If you're in any of those rounds, make sure to schedule your races! Sunday is the final day to do those, as per usual.

Hope everyone has great races, and we'll make another update post next week.

Luigi's Mansion Discord link: Twitch page where runs will be streamed: Bracket:

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A couple of us have been talking, and we have decided to host an official Luigi's Mansion Community Any% No OoB Tournament! Not many of the details have been finalized yet, but I will share what I have so far.

  1. The tournament will be double elimination style (most likely)
  2. Debating between random seeding or seeding by skill level (PB) [Willing to take input on this]
  3. Races will be done through SRL for fairness, and will be restreamed and commentated by people on an LM community twitch page
  4. You MUST be able to stream your race
  5. There will be a cash prize (I don't know what it will be yet, as I don't know what my wallet looks like or who else may be contributing to that)
  6. The tournament is free to enter and we welcome experienced and non-experienced players alike. The more the merrier!

Sign up sheet can be found here:

Here's a list of all the people who have signed up so far:

Looking forward to competing with you all =]

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So, as some of you may be aware, there was previously a voting thread to vote for super mods and regular mods. Since then the community has come to the decision to change the rules of the voting a little bit. So let's lay this out.

First we'll start with the roles of mods and super mods. Mods are people who will be approving/disapproving runs. These are people to look up to in the community and should be experienced and active in the community. Above that are super mods. These people do everything that mods do, but will also be looked at to settle 50/50 disputes on topics (such as [EMU] and S+Q) and also have the ability to add/remove new mods and add super mods.

This thread will be used to decide who new super mods will be and who new mods will be as well. There are currently two inactive mods, Veman3000 and Linkus7. These two will be removed and there will be room for two new moderators.

To surmise, we are going to use this thread to vote for ONE super mod and TWO new mods. These people can come from any part of the community and do not have to currently be mods.


  1. You can vote for one super mod and two regular mods in your post.
  2. You do not have to vote for the maximum in each category, but you cannot vote for more than the maximum obviously.
  3. You CANNOT vote for yourself.
  4. You CANNOT vote for the same person for both categories.
  5. You must give reasoning behind your votes.
  6. If a person gets votes for super mod and does not get elected, those votes will be reverted to regular mod votes in addition to any other regular mod votes they might already have.
  7. Play nice, don't take any decisions or opinions personally.

This thread will be open until Saturday, April 9 at 11:59 PM EST.

I look forward to seeing everyone's input, and I'll put a final tally after all is said and done. The top two votes for each category will be put into the new position.

EDIT: As you can see, the originators of the idea of this thread have decided that one super mod should suffice to fill out this issues of the community if they were to arise. Please adjust your posts accordingly to fit the vote for only one super mod and two regular mods. If a post isn't edited, it will be assumed that your first choice on the super mod vote is your vote. Sorry about the confusion.

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There's an elephant in the room, and I think it's time to be addressed.


Throughout the past couple of months I'm sure many people have heard of the term "USB Loader" and all of the drama associated with this. I bring this post today not to start arguments, but to open up a discussion about an issue with the leaderboards. First, let's hop into exactly how everything came about.

USB Loader was used for a LONG time in Luigi's Mansion and previously not to have been thought to be a large difference in timing from disk. As more and more people started to use USB Loader (myself included), we came to a realization that it saves a significant amount time more than people once thought. Although that time may not be determined as it's impossible to time every loading zone, door animation, double and triple animation, etc. consistently, it was determined that USB Loader was unfairly faster than disc.

After much argument, the community came up with the decision to mark USB Loaded runs with a separate marker on the leaderboards [emu]. Although it may have made some sense at the time, the community later came to the decision to flat out ban USB Loaded runs from being submitted to the leaderboards. This leaves the lingering [emu] times that we see here today.


As it stands, there are no USB Loaded times allowed to be submitted to the leaderboard. On the contrary to that, there are currently USB Loaded runs [emu] still left on the leaderboard from the aftermath of the previous decisions. This leaves a large gap in fair timing between people who are striving to get to the top and can't get there from a significantly unfair disadvantage. Not only that, but the OoB category is near impossible to obtain a WR in because of timing differences from USB Loader to disc. All of our #1 times in three important categories are on banned versions of the game.


My proposal is to erase [emu] times completely from the Luigi's Mansion Leaderboards. This will create a sense of fairness throughout the community and not competing against unfair and BANNED versions of the game itself. This is not a particular attack against anyone, but rather a want to create a sense of fairness throughout the leaderboards.


  • A sense of fairness throughout the leaderboards and community by playing and competing on equal grounds
  • A less confusing leaderboard system to any newcomers into the Luigi's Mansion community
  • A fair and accurate documentation of who's times are faster will be available rather than guessing due to unknown timed version differences


  • People will have their personal times removed from the leaderboard and will have to obtain new disc PBs

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions. Please post on this thread with your ideas on how to contribute and fix this problem. I'm going to leave this thread up until Friday, 4/1/2016 at 11:59 PM Eastern time zone and we will see what the majority thinking is.

Please don't insult each other, keep things civil and factual, and we can come to an understanding and conclusion to this nonsense.

Thanks, Adam (GC)

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So. Here we go.

For those who are unaware, we'll start with what Weston Save Warp is. This trick allows you to save a bit of time from saving after the Weston boo and then quit the game, load up the save file and wind up in the foyer. This is faster than walking back up by 11 seconds optimally (proof here highlight shows timing process)

Currently, the trick is banned from all runs of Luigi's Mansion (except low% to my knowledge) and I'm not really sure why. It's not exactly breaking or corrupting the game. All this trick really is doing is using a function built into the game to save some time. Is it hard? Yeah. The 150 health boo needs to be done in one cycle in order for it to save time. But what's the worst that can happen, you miss the trick and lose 11 seconds?

That being said, post your opinions here and hopefully we can come up with a consensus since no one is trying to talk about it. I believe that Weston Save Warp should be allowed for all categories, and I'd love to hear what everyone else things about it as well.

Thanks, Adam (GC)

EDIT: Just to clarify, the proposal is to lift the ban on saving and quitting thus allowing Weston Save Warp.

EDIT 2: We're going to give this until Friday night until 11:59 eastern and from there we'll see what the majority is. If there's a clear one side then we'll lift the ban. I believe that's fair.

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