thread: Google Snake
Alicyndaquil1 year ago

that's why I thought it wouldn't be as tedious and overwhelming to add 1 more category of everything in it's most chaotic state as a kind of joke, and a challenge to try and control such a mess.

obviously, every possible blender would be pretty boring and insignificant.

thread: Google Snake
Alicyndaquil1 year ago

speedwalkermicah I might have completely misunderstood your post, but you can choose what modes you want to blend?

thread: Google Snake
Alicyndaquil1 year ago

I just discovered the blender mode in Google Snake, so of course I did the obvious and checked everything, put it on fast, 5 apples, small arena. the result was absolute chaos.

Since the people here are Snake masters, I thought it would be interesting for a professional to try and create strats for a nearly uncontrollable gamemode.

P.S. if someone can do it without peaceful they will have my never ending admiration.

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