Suggestion- absolute chaos mode
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Suggestion- absolute chaos mode

I just discovered the blender mode in Google Snake, so of course I did the obvious and checked everything, put it on fast, 5 apples, small arena. the result was absolute chaos.

Since the people here are Snake masters, I thought it would be interesting for a professional to try and create strats for a nearly uncontrollable gamemode.

P.S. if someone can do it without peaceful they will have my never ending admiration.

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United States

we need this and all modes back


Join the discord and wager on it

West Virginia, USA

peaceful cant be blended, and blender only mixes randomly, so a run for it would be weird and rng-based. we could make an IL for all the possible blends, heres what it would look like:

speedwalkermicah I might have completely misunderstood your post, but you can choose what modes you want to blend?

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West Virginia, USA

oh lol i never knew that. we should still make blender category tho

West Virginia, USA

wow i just tried it and now i feel stupid. that would take a loooong time to enter alll the combos into sr.c

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This game has enough categories my dude, the Cartesian multiplication to get all possible modes in blender is ridiculous and can't fit in SRC in it's current state, so it's not happening. Many of the combos also don't make any sense in terms of gameplay or speedrunning. Even just adding it on it's on and allowing people to play any combo they like seems to me like something that doesn't fit on the mainboard, it'd be a category extension at best.

West Virginia, USA

Well thats what I was thinking, to make a category extension, but i dont know if there can be two Also yeah it would be huge with every combo, like at least 10k different ones

that's why I thought it wouldn't be as tedious and overwhelming to add 1 more category of everything in it's most chaotic state as a kind of joke, and a challenge to try and control such a mess.

obviously, every possible blender would be pretty boring and insignificant.

West Virginia, USA

aight you convinced me. Blender will not be added

Ohio, USA

Would a Highscore Chaos be an option on the extensions. All modes applied ,and with every update crown a winner of said update and wipe the leader boards. There are alot of interesting mechanics with minesweeper mode. (Obviously exclude peaceful)

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it wont count to anything, and the most i've gotton on 5a standard standard is 0... I could try to get some points, with and without poison mode tho

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ok, after a lot of grinding and good rng, i've gotten 3, and i can semi-consistently get 1. I will update this once I beat it, as it seems like it is possibble to beat

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