lack of mods and updates
4 months ago
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Any/All, He/Him
4 months ago

there are 5 runs in the queue, the mod that was active for the last time was 1 month ago, the categories are stuck in 2018, i want the game to be a viable speed game but for that the page should be updated and make categories that people actually wanna play and that are new

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i agree fully

ive messaged a few of the mods about it but they dont seem to want to change/remove any of the existing mods.

over half are not active and there there are a few mods on here that don't even have submitted runs. its a mess.

id reccomend writing to support to possibly be promoted to moderator just so your submissions get approved :)

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Hi, I've been very busy, because of my work I was unable to touch a computer or look at my phone for months. Currently working on a new discord and we'll be voting for new categories there, I will also recruit new mods to help me.

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Good to hear, happy to help if wanted :)