Does a 0-1 run in the Ultrakill Demo 1.05 version count lmao
9 months ago

I got a time of 0:00.000 on 0-1 for real no cap

proof (real)


it wouldnt count im afraid bc its timer manipulation and it breaks the rule of not being allowed to go out of bounds from the starting room (tho im not sure if this applies to 0-1)

This breaks 3 rules, timer manip, going OOBs in starting room (it would apply here imo) and we dont take demo runs. All the demo runs currently on the board are just kept as legacy runs.

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During the demo there was a rule against this specific skip. (in earlier demo versions it could even be done on every map) That rule was later revised to be the no timer manipulation and no going oob in the starting room rules. That and like dryz said we no longer accept runs done on the demo versions of the game so no it would not count.

Thanks y'all :)) have a nice day then