How to get your category idea added.
10 months ago
United States

Please do not just post your idea for a category in here. We do not take text suggestions for categories and are not looking to add whatever category anyone asks for.

If you have an idea for a category please join the discord and discuss it with the people in there. This serves as a way to develop the rules, make sure that the category is reasonable, as well as to see if other people would be interested in running it.

It is recommended that you try to come up with something that plays unlike any of the categories that already exist. Any% but one of the levels is different is not interesting enough to warrant its own category.

After that, run the category yourself. A category will not be added unless someone has done a valid recorded run of it.

Once there is a valid recorded run and other people have expressed interest in running the category then it will be considered if the category should be added.

The leaderboard is for competition and record tracking sake. You are always welcome to run with whatever restrictions that you like even if we wont host a leaderboard for it.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. -B.G.B.

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"request it in the discord"

"invite invalid"