Jaket category
2 months ago

A new category for the speedruns with the mods called Jaket to play in multiplayer, so players will be able to play and submit their scores to speedrun.com with a multiplayer run.

Well for one, we don't allow mods so this would be rather out of pocket for us. Also even though I've never played the mod myself I've heard time and time again that end screen times with this mod are Broken. Also we do not take text suggestions for categories here, we have enough as is currently and there's no proof anyone will even run this or has run this. A category can get added if it is popular enough with the speedrunning community, but I have a hard time seeing us relaxing on our "No Mods" ruling just for one category. Also this goes over how we actually might add categories. https://www.speedrun.com/ultrakill_category_extensions/forums/hrobz

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Sorry have a good day


heres an idea: "friend%" NO using jaket for game breaking bugs, like enemies not spawning. just straight 2player.


oh and make sure the speedrunner shows their r2modman or bepinex plugins folder to make sure thats the only mod being used

Well again, we don't allow mods ever so this would be out of pocket for us but unless the bugs are fixed in the mod I don't think it'd really matter but not like I play the mod anyway and as I said, we don't take text suggestions for categories here. Get others interested in running it, and have runs out there and then we can maybe have a discussion about it.