All Style bonuses not possible
1 month ago
United States
He/Him, They/Them
1 month ago

Due to patches, All style bonuses run is currently impossible due to the fact that "SCRONGBONGLED" is no longer possible without cheats because its impossible to get out the map on p-2, or at least impossible with current strategies to clip out the map.

It is still possible, though I don't know or remember the best way to go about it but for your info the P-2 OOBs clip seen in P-2 Any% wr or the following runs do still use a clip that works on current patch. What I did to get the style bonus was grab the invisible checkpoint infront of quad cerb room, then go back and use the intended skip to sisyphus, shoot the glass to load the room and scrongbongled kill zone then checkpoint load to the quad cerb room, do the clip, activate first mindflayer arena from OOB's, checkpoint load, do clip again, and head over to the spot and hope mindflayer dies. Don't know if this is the fastest method, but its what I came up with on the spot so feel free to mess around with it.