Poll Results and P-2 and 5-S Update
Poll Results and P-2 and 5-S Update
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The update is out, and the poll is closed!

With a grand total of 82 votes (68 of which are from verified runners) the Any% and NoMo categories will be refreshed with the old boards moved to the secondary categories tab; However, they will still be available for those who want to submit for some time (labeled ‘Zoomies Patch’). Only votes from people who had verified runs were counted. (non-verified votes would have been used in case of a tie)

(See Discord for the data results)

Aside from the poll changes the IL leaderboard has been updated to include the new levels as well as the Alt exits for 5-1 and 6-2. The extensions leaderboards for 100%NG, All Bosses, and All P-Ranks have been reset since those runs are no longer valid (Please make sure to re-read the rules as a new rule has been added to clarify 6-2). And lastly, Rocket Race and HankJr% have been added to the category extensions board.

I’m super excited to see all the runs for all the new categories and levels and I hope you all have a lot of fun running them! As always if there are any issues or errors with the board let me know so I can get them fixed asap. -B.G.B.

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