LevelFirst place
0-1: Into The Fire
0-2: The Meatgrinder
0-3: Double Down
0-4: A One-Machine Army
0-5: Cerberus
0-S: Something Wicked
1-1: Heart Of The Sunrise
1-2: The Burning World
1-3: Halls Of Sacred Remains
1-4: Clair De Lune
1-S: The Witless
2-1: Bridgeburner
2-2: Death At 20,000 Volts
2-3: Sheer Heart Attack
2-4: Court Of The Corpse King
2-S: All-Imperfect Love Song
3-1: Belly Of The Beast
3-2: In The Flesh
P-1: Soul Survivor
4-1: Slaves To Power
4-2: God Damn The Sun
4-3: A Shot In The Dark
4-4: Clair De Soleil
4-S: Clash of the Brandicoot
5-1: In The Wake Of Poseidon
5-2: Waves Of The Starless Sea
5-3: Ship Of Fools
5-4: Leviathan
5-S: I Only Say Morning
6-1: Cry For The Weeper
6-2: Aesthetics Of Hate
P-2: Wait Of The World
7-1: Garden Of Forking Paths
7-2: Light Up The Night
7-3: No Sound, No Memory
7-4: ...Like Antennas To Heaven
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Speedrun Competition and Updated Base Game Rules

If you have not seen ULTRAKILL is finally having a speedrunner competition for real money!!! It starts in about four hours from the time I am making this news post, in fact its probably already started when you are reading this so click the challenges widget on the right and read up on the rules and

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