speedrun discord????
1 year ago

i was considering doing a layer any% or p% i went and read the category rules and at the bottom it said "In game time can be determined by adding all the level times together. (there is an excel file that can be used to do this pinned in the discord) RTA is optional but recommended." i wanna go to the discord for the excel file but i dont where it is it isnt mentioned anywhere else and isnt pinned or stickied to any place and i was wondering if i could get the link to it

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1 year ago

there's a little discord icon underneath the follow button, should be on your screen right now

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0Collin i dont see the icon under the follow button

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Its right next to the little ball globe thing that links to the steam page. If you are on pc its directly to the left of the game stats, almost in line with the number of players If you are on mobile its at the top of the page on the right.

B.G.B i dont see it im not sure if its there or if im blind

i dont see it its not under the follow button for me

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invite is invalide/expired lol

wanted to post some cool tech i just found and it may help someone out in the future

It is currently closed due to an influx of users, It should be opened back up in a few days.

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its been 13 days and the invites are still invalid

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Does anyone have a link i cant seem to find the discord anywhere on speedrun.com all the links ive tried are invalid would much appreciate it if someone could slide a link :D

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Hello @Dryzalar, please can the link be added back onto this page and onto the category extentions?

Since it has been about 2 months since the "influx of users", and a server being popular isn't a bad thing - it's probably good. Since it helps the community be active and alive.

Although if the new users do spam too much, then turn slowdown on on the main Discord channels, or try and find more moderators.

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It has now been added back, will likely not stay forever as we have other reasons for changing the link and taking it off site that I'm not going to divulge here. If its ever not there then It wasn't removed for no reason nor was the discord deleted and will likely be added back in future after some time whenever it happens again.

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