patch 3/16/23 not working
1 month ago

i want to speedrun P-2 and kill sisyphus with the mindflayer but the intire version no matter what level just shows the tab menu with everything at 0 no matter what i do. also when i complete a level nothing shows up and i cant continue to the next level either.

ive also tried reinstalling the patch but that also didnt work. anyone know a fix?

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I've had the same issue with the sharpshooter release patch. All I know is that P-ranking every level again fixes it.


it doesnt seem to actually work since when i p-rank 0-1 i for some reason cant continue at 0-2 its really weird and for 3/16/23 it doesnt work for any level but for 4/27/23 it only works for some levels and even when i dont import my save to the patch it still doesnt work


Did you copy a previous save file to this patch's directory, because that's what caused it to not work in my case.

try disabling steam cloud?

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