Clarification on no peripherals/macros rules?
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I was double checking the rules before submitting a P-2 Any% run and noticed the no peripherals rule. I originally thought my mouse, which has two extra buttons on the side, was not considered a peripheral due to seeing similar buttons on screen in verified runs. However, I now realize that the buttons were not pressed and that the rule states that USE of peripherals/macros is not allowed. All of my runs (which I removed from the leaderboards just to be safe), use these buttons on the side. Does the usage of these buttons on my mouse disqualify my runs? or am i just misunderstanding what a peripheral/macro is?

For reference, this is my mouse:

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side buttons do not invalidate your runs if you bind them to normal actions in game, it's only if you use a script/macro and bind said macro to those buttons

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Ok so just to make sure the fact that I have them bound to the revolver and railcannon means it's fine? Like it would only be a problem if they were like one button crouchjumps or something?

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Just to clarify the rule is not "no peripherals" it is "Abuse of peripherals that provide a distinct mechanical advantage is not allowed"

All mice, keyboards, controllers, monitors, and whatever else you can plug into your computer are peripherals. We do not care what all you use to play the game since everyone is going to have some preference. As long as you are not abusing functions of said peripherals that over-enables you to do things outside of what is considered general functionality then you are fine.

That being said Mouse4 and Mouse5 are completely OK to use and I use both to switch between arms as well as switch between alt fires.

What would not be ok are things like built in macros, using a custom built keyboard where every key outputs the same key even if one of the keys are already pressed, and Turbo buttons.

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I’m assuming this means autoclickers are disallowed too. Am I correct in my judgement?

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I use a 6-side button mouse, and use up to 3 of those buttons in my ultrakill speedruns, specifically my 0-5 nomo% speedruns, does this count?

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that should be fine

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