censoring out names in runs
1 month ago
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hey! i was on a call with my friends today and i decided to do some runs on call. i recorded it, and during it we accidentally said our actual names a couple times. would it be against the rules to censor out the names by removing the audio where they're said? i just wanna make sure because i know that "clearly audible ingame audio" is a rule.

Louisiana, USA

that is an amazing, well worded question. I think one of the mods should answer it and i am here to support this movement and stand by it.

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She/Her, They/Them
1 month ago

Supporting this as well considering there's been submitted runs with custom music playing, I feel a quick censorship regarding real life names wouldn't be an issue

Pennsylvania, USA

ive posted runs that didnt capture audio and put music over, as long as its not like a record i dont think the mods have issues tbh. but thats just my input. like everyone else said i think a mod should have the final say in it

Depends on the run, only top 10 runs Require audio so if you need to, yes you can remove the audio. In future though I'd recommend just recording the game audio.

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