do yall think that the 7-S "precise mode" should count as a P-rank?
20 days ago

just an idea

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no because 7-s any% doesnt kill any enemies anyway. A more interesting catagory imo would be inbounds (replacing p%) since it would actually require you to kill enemies

No, if anything it could be a contingency like 4-S has with "Any Boxes", "All Boxes" and "78 Boxes" but unless people run it I don't really think it'd become a thing, not to mention it'd basically be the same as Normal Any% anyway because of the Clip. The only difference would be if one of them or both of them were inbounds exclusively and we already plan on having inbounds tag's for IL's later down the line.

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P-Rank times are only available on levels where ranks can be achieved. No rank means no P rank. As Dryzalar said, if we do add a way to submit precise mode times then it would be a contingency like 4-S.

it should be a separate category like how 1-1 has secret and normal exit


thats a much better idea

I do think there should be the normal, inbounds and the inbounds+high accuracy category.

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