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is the rocket clip in 7-1 still possible on build 14344626(newest version)??

British Indian Ocean Territory

yes, aim where is aimed in wr, shoot frozen rocket, and TAP dive (slide + jump and the same time)


i am doing that but it just shoots me backwards not in the wall


Maybe try to slide a tiny bit later than jumping.

I find doing the inputs at the same time a bit inconsistent.

Sometimes holding the buttons for too long messes it up too, it's really just a short tap.


i tried this too but nothing so far


is there some sort of discord server for ultrakill speedruners? i want to try my luck there too

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Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

there is or was a discord server linked on the website, but its gone now. Your best option right now is the ultrakill speedrunning channel in the newblood discord server

edit: its now back

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