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If y'all have any extensions than please add them to the list as such below:

Triathlon% - 3x marathon

Quintalon% - 5x marathon

Arcade% - complete all arcade achievements

NumberPad% - get all achievements in the blue area

Talk% -Talk and get every achievement that includes all three NPC's you can talk to.

Color% - Change to every single color

NoPortalExplore% - Explore every ? but you're only allowed to use the light blue and yellow

portal (Unless you skip the yellow portal likein the AllPortal% WR)

NoGhost% - Get every achievement possible without ghosting once.

Any% - do X% Of all achievements

0% - Use the flashplayer glitch

CaryKH% - Type 3 1 18 25 11 8 in the blue area

Bubble% - Play with Shift on the entire time

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The Bubble one, has 2-3 impossible achievements so i would call it Bubble% AMAAP (As Mush Achievements As Possible)


Any% & 0% is the same since "Any%" means that you can use any glitches.


No I meant that it could mean 25% 50% 75% ETC.