Discord Server

A server where you can chat with the mods and others. (external link)

By Imagine4Imagine4

Goime 500 WR Times/History

Used for calculating WR times and total time for Goime 500 speedrunning, as well as WR History. (external link)

By LegitSiLegitSi

Performance of Goimers

A spreadsheet that shows everyone's times in each category, and gives you points based on those times. (external link)

By Futurama39Futurama39, Gave2hazeGave2haze, Ian07Ian07




100% Splits

LiveSplitter splits for Goime100% (direct download)

By Futurama39Futurama39

All Coins

LiveSplitter splits for All coins run (for the current route) (direct download)

By Futurama39Futurama39


Goime 500

The default version of the game. (external link)

By carykhcarykh

Goime 500 v1.15

This version of the game allowed you to toggle between five different speed options. However, Cary decided to revert back to v1.14 afterwards. v1.15 is still available on the site as a .swf file. (external link)

By carykhcarykh

Old Goime 500

The original version of Goime 500, from 2011. Has a few differences from the current version. (external link)

By carykhcarykh