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6 years ago
Ontario, Canada

Hi. I don't even play this game but you guys should add a category to talk to each person. Like pink person and Guy then eGuy


I suggest you to play this is an amazing game! other than that, a run where you need to get all the guys achievements?

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Czech Republic

I think yes. If don't think that 3 different categories would be pointless because Eguy's achievements take 2 responses to complete...

Ontario, Canada

What I mean is, you have to talk to Guy, then eGuy, then pink owner. Just talking to them

Surrey, England

Sorry for the late reply. In case you didn't know, we decided against that category.

Ohio, USA

The Forward glitch category, where you start a new game, save, exit, hit new game, when prompted if you want to overwrite your save, right click and click on "forward", as said in one of the guides.


A few people have suggested that before, but the community didn't really think there would be much of a point to it. Who knows, though, maybe it'll become a thing one day.

Also, at one point there was discussion about a Goime 500 speedrunning livestream this summer. I haven't heard much about it lately, but if it does happen, it will have a section dedicated to minor categories (such as beating the entire game in slow mode), so the Forward Glitch might be one of them.

Michigan, USA

I'm replying to this because I want to reenlighten the concept of a Goime livestream. It sounds interesting.

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Czech Republic

lofi goime hiphop beats to study (for the test)/play the arcade to

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