Impossible new Low% Record
1 year ago
Glamorganshire, Wales

Amazingly the Low% record got untied again, to 29 seconds.

  • The new record skipped the next second barrier, missing 30 completely somehow
  • The runner @Sharkking1515 starts way further up the stairs (gains visibility) way later than any other runner of the category thus far.
  • The game freezes erratically before the run for a long time, then again at 0:31, which is really odd.
  • They don't leave the house as soon as possible, when the owner comes back, they wait around in the house for a second or two. Despite these factors, it's still an enormous record and I have no idea how these factors didn't reduce the time. I don't think it's intentionally cheated but it's surely not a valid game state, if you retime the run from first visibility, manually, you get a time of 31.103 seconds (if we're being really generous).

There's just no way the real length of this run is 29 seconds, although I don't understand how the game calculated such a time

Pays de la Loire, France

the first time i watch the run i thought the run was a fake run or something. the only part that is weird for me is the alt tab at 0:31 and maybe the game not responding at the start of the run and i don't know how the game calculate the time but yeah 0:29 is a weird time I verified it so ppl can see it and tell me what they think because for me it's a really weird run

Glamorganshire, Wales

Yeah sorry I should explain that point about calculating the game time a bit better, go to this tool Then follow the instructions with the first frame being the first frame with a visible game, and the last frame being the first frame after they have escaped.

If you do the same thing with other runs, the resultant time is generally the same when rounded to the second, or very close.

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Glamorganshire, Wales

I think a message was deleted here but I was going to respond with: This is indeed probably the result of a poorer computer, which for some reason the in-game time is greatly affected by. The solutions to this problem are to reject runs that have stutters or severe buffering before the run starts, or more practically, reject runs that don't align their IGT with the RTA. Because we could overload our computers to get more unrealistically lower and lower times in theory with this, and that's not acceptable Hopefully @omelettejoyeuse sees this

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Pays de la Loire, France

yeah good point there and yeah I think he deleted his post. I think i'm gonna reject the run so thing gonna get back to normal

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