31s on low
2 years ago
Ind​ianapolis, IN, USA

How the hell did someone get 31s on low???

Pays de la Loire, France

well look at the run and if it's look weird to you tell me and I'm gonna speak with the dude who did the run

Glamorganshire, Wales

What I can't understand is how they start so far forwards, all the runs until the 31 second one begin (even if you're spamming forwards) at the bottom of the stairs or at the door. The 31 second record begins on the middle of the stairs, it's so baffling and I think for whatever reason the game propelled them a little at the start. I'm sure @jocelin knows more about that though so what're your thoughts.

Pays de la Loire, France

I know that you can play the game while the black screen is there so. I tested and you can get to the middle if you know when the game is ready before the game really tell you And I think maybe he got lucky too a bit :)

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